9 Best Hollywood Mirror With Lights Reviews 2020

Are you a fan of mirrors with lights? Interested in buying the best Hollywood mirror but confused about whether to place an order for one or not. This seems to be a problem for many as there are tons of them in the market. When it comes to buying products that have a huge variety it is always good to look for their reviews.

If you have ever wondered how the celebrities apply makeup perfectly then they use the perfect mirror. A Hollywood mirror is the one that has light bulbs on the sides of it. These types of mirrors are used by celebrities in their vanity. For applying makeup you need perfect lighting on your face. Each product has to be applied to a certain section of your face. For example, blush has to be applied to the area that covers cheekbones. So if one stroke of makeup brush goes from here to there then the whole look is spoilt. You can buy a LED Hollywood mirror that provides perfect lighting and is available in different shape and size.

ImageNameNumber of led bulbDimensions
Waneway Hollywood MirrorWANEWAY [Top Pick]10 Check Price On Amazon
Chende Hollywood MirrorCHENDE14 Check Price On Amazon
Nora Beauty Hollywood MirrorNora Beauty [Editor’s Choice]12 Check Price On Amazon
Rebel Poppy Hollywood MirrorRebel Poppy  12 Check Price On Amazon
Toyswill Hollywood MirrorToyswill12 Check Price On Amazon
Viugreum Hollywood MirrorViugreum17 Check Price On Amazon
ElectriBrite Hollywood MirrorElectribrite [Best Value]12 Check Price On Amazon
Krugg Hollywood MirrorKrugg14 Check Price On Amazon
Velouer Hollywood MirrorVelouer12 Check Price On Amazon

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Best Hollywood Mirrors 2019

1. WANEWAY *Light Up Hollywood Mirror*

Waneway Hollywood Mirror

Waneway mirror is the light-up mirror that belongs to the present era. These mirrors come with all the technological advancements. If you love investing in high-end products then this next generation Hollywood mirror could be your choice. You would love going through the primping sessions with this much-needed mirror. This mirror provides the illuminated glow that is ideal for hair styling, makeup application, and dressing.



  • This slim frameless mirror is carefully designed. There are diamond-cut beveled edges with a reflective stand. With the large screen that is of 20 inches width and 27 inches height, you will get to see your full face. Still, this mirror won’t take up too much space.

  • It can be used as a wall mounted Hollywood mirror. You will get the option to mount it either horizontally or vertically. You won’t even have to buy the hardware as it will be included in the package.

  • The mirror has a rendering index of 90 and with 1200 lumens it will illuminate your entire room. So the light will be spread evenly on your face. Just like professionals you can apply makeup that matches your skin perfectly. You won’t get those unwanted shadows on your face.

  • With this mirror, you will get multiple choices of color temperature. These will range from 4000K to 6000K. You will get the option to switch between warm glow, natural light, cool white, and soft daylight. So you can check how entire look appears to others in different lighting situations.

  • This one would be an appropriate choice for you as it is a highly trusted and reliable option. You will get sensitive touch dimmer, constant-current power adaptor, and long-lasting.



Color correct lighting

The bulbs at the bottom take up a bit mirror stand space

Dimmable touch button


Multiple lighting modes


LED lights with long life


Modern yet timeless





2. CHENDE *Best Hollywood Vanity Mirror*

Chende Hollywood Mirror

Buying a Hollywood mirror of high-quality is not a dream anymore. For women and girls who love doing makeup, this mirror is a dream come true. It is important to use such mirrors as they ensure that you apply makeup that appears uniform in color. If the light of your bedroom is not working then you can switch on the lights of this mirror and it will provide enough lighting.



  • This mirror is available with dimensions 31.5 x 23.62 x 2.64 in inches. Other than the frameless design that is displayed in the picture it is available in two other styles. You can even choose framed ones with black and white color options.

  • There is a US standard socket. So the mirror even supports beauty essentials. You can plug in the hair dryer or hair straightener and make your favorite hairstyle.

  • You can even change the brightness level of the LED bulbs. There is a twist switch on the side that will help you in doing it. Also, the use of 14 LED bulbs makes sure that your face is fully illuminated.

  • If you are worried that the LED bulbs with cost you through electricity bill then it is not the case. These are known to save electricity. With these, you can contribute to environment protection.

  • Another benefit of these bulbs is that even after long hour usage these won’t be hot to touch. In case, you touch them by mistake while doing a mistake then you won’t be harmed.

  • The base material used for manufacturing these mirrors is stainless steel and wood. So the mirror is strong and would last you longer.




Frameless one will cost you more than a framed one

Elegant design


High-grade material usage


No glare


Knob for dimming light


Energy-saving LED light bulbs


3. NORA BEAUTY *TableTop Hollywood Mirror*

Nora Beauty Hollywood Mirror

Nora Beauty is one such mirror that will make sure that you gaze at your reflection all the time. You can appreciate your own beauty by looking at yourself in this mirror. For people who love doing makeup, the lighting has to be their first priority. For that professional glamorous look, you need this type of mirror. There are certain instructions that you must follow when you use this mirror. You should press the button on the mirror gently and keep the mirror clean.



  • There are 12 large LEDs mounted on all sides of the mirror excluding the bottom. You can change the brightness level from warm to daylight with ease. If the brightness is high and that is resulting in nausea or headache then you can use the dimmer for appropriate settings.

  • While applying makeup you need to move your face and sit at a particular angle. This is especially experienced in the case of eyeliner where you need to stretch your eyes and concentrate for that perfect winged liner. This won’t be needed in this mirror as it can rotate up to 180 degrees freely.

  • The mirror is magnified with 5x magnification. You can view all the details of your face. You can ideally use it for tweezing, applying mascara, and all.

  • The dimensions of the optic mirror are 12 inches of width and 16 inches of height. The dimensions are ideal for dressing up. You will even get a brush drying rack along with it. So it will be easy for you to keep the makeup vanity clean and tidy as the brush rack can be utilized for storage.

  • These high-quality LEDs have a life span of 50,000 hours. So won’t have to replace them.



Ultimate makeup experience

Swivel mirror needs a bit care

Optimum size


Drying Rack


Extra LEDs


Long life span of LEDs


Refund guarantee


4. REBEL POPPY *Perfect Hollywood Mirror Lights*

Rebel Poppy Hollywood Mirror

Rebel Poppy mirror is not just that usual mirror but it is much more than that. This fully assembled vanity Hollywood mirror is the one that you need for your home or vanity. It is not needed that you always invest in an expensive light up just for that perfect lighting on the vanity table. This affordable option is perfect to turn any counter, table or desktop into the perfect spot to achieve a flawless base. With 12 dimmable LED bulbs you can clearly view each and every section of your face. The mirror would work best if your know how to apply makeup perfectly



  • The Rebel Poppy Hollywood mirror is available in three color options. You have an option to choose from black, rose gold, and white mirror. There is no change in price for any color so choose the one you like.

  • You can pull off literally any look using this mirror. It has an integrated phone cradle that you can use to watch makeup tutorials. You can simultaneously try makeup look while watching it on your mobile.

  • This unique Hollywood mirror easily can be easily lit by plugging into a USB or wall outlet. There are a long 10 inches clear power cable to facilitate it.

  • The portable Hollywood mirror is perfect to be used in your bedroom or bathroom. The size of the frame is 14×19 inches while the mirror’s size is 12×16 in inches. You will get this Hollywood mirror for sale price that is much reasonable.

  • This will be a great gift for teen girls who are aspiring to become a makeup artist. We are sure that whether you are an amateur or professional this mirror will be appreciated for its cool features.

  • It comes with 360-degree swivel support. So you can literally change its complete by rotating it. This is highly beneficial for those who need a certain angle of the mirror for doing makeup.



Phone mounting option

Vertical mounting of the phone would hide the buttons

360-degree swivel mirror




Perfect gift for makeup artists


Cool features


5. TOYSWILL *White Hollywood Vanity Mirror*

Toyswill Hollywood Mirror

When it comes to home décor white is and always be everyone’s favorite color. It gives that royal and modern touch to your house that you fall in love with it. You might have noticed that most of the hotels use white color for the décor. That’s why we have added this beautifully designed piece to our list of Hollywood vanity mirrors. This is one of the best Hollywood mirrors you will find in the market.



  • Toyswill Hollywood mirror is strong as the frame is made of aluminum. The wooden base is solid and will give proper support to the mirror so that it stably stands.

  • The mirror has two holes at the back so that you can hang the mirror on the wall. If you have children at home then you can hang it so that it is out of reach of children.

  • This high-definition mirror is surrounded by 12 dimmable LED light bulbs. These are designed to mimic natural daylight. In case you find the lighting too bright then you can easily dim it according to your preference. For this, you will have to rotate the dimmer switch. These are so good that you can even eliminate darkness from your face in the dark room.

  • There are two ports on the side of the mirror that can be utilized for using styling products. You won’t have to search for a plug in your room. Just get your hair and makeup done right in front of the mirror.

  • In case you are planning to gift this elegant and glam mirror then you are going in the right direction. This Hollywood mirror is a perfect gift for your loved ones.



Tabletop and wall mount option

Large mirror so it requires more space

High definition mirror


Rotary dimmer switch


Multifunctional outlet


Glam look


6. VIUGREUM *Cosmetic Vanity Mirror*

Viugreum Hollywood Mirror

Viugreum is a Hollywood style mirror that is rectangular in shape and has a strong base. For those who do not have much space when it comes to width can opt for this one. It won’t cover much of the area on the vanity table so you can utilize it for keeping other stuff like beauty accessories. There are 17 pieces of LED bulbs that are mounted on the mirror’s sides. For rare cases like the bulbs get damaged you can use the 2 spare lampshades that come in the package.



  • It is a large tabletop mirror with light bulbs. The overall frame size is 15.74 width, 22.04 height, and 7.08 inches depth. You can view your entire face while applying makeup or even dressing.

  • This would be a great gift as it even comes with a one year warranty. The ladies of your house will be impressed by your choice. In the span of 30 days you can return it and for any sort of problem, there is a 24-hour professional customer service too.

  • There is a simple installation process for using it. Just remove the mirror from the package and attach it to the base. Once you will plug in the AC110V adapter it will be ready to use. The use of strong ABS material will make sure that the mirror stands firm on the table.

  • There is a sensor switch that appears at the bottom. You will have to press it to switch between warm white (3000-4000K), neutral white (4000-5000K), and cold white (5000-6000K).

  • If you want to view magnified look of your face then you can use the 10X suction cup magnifier. It is included in the package. You can view pores of your face without blurred appearance even after enlargement.



Easy to use

Requires simple installation

Spare bulbs included


Smart touch control


10X magnification option


Strong ABS material


7. ELECTRIBRITE *Super Bright Hollywood Mirror*

ElectriBrite Hollywood Mirror

Are you into using angled mirrors? Do you want your mirror to be perfectly set so that it is easy for you to apply makeup? If yes then this mirror could be an apt choice for you. In fact, we think this is the best vanity mirror for such people. Also, the mirror is available in two color options and that is rose gold and silver.



  • The mirror is of swivel type so the base has to be strong otherwise in heavy usage it may fall off the table. To ensure this the manufacturer has used a strong metal tinplate frame. It allows the mirror to stay sturdy while in use. You can even use it as a beautiful piece of decoration.

  • It is a light up a mirror that has 1.5m of USB cable. You just have to plug and play to use the mirror’s lights. There is no wiring or assembly required that saves your time and money.

  • This is a double sided mirror. If you want to use the lights then use the side with LED bulbs mounted on it otherwise use the other side. The other side is plain with nothing mounted on it but there is 1X magnification. In case, you want more magnification then you can use the sucker with 10X magnification.

  • The LED lights can be turned on or off easily. Also, there are two color modes to choose from. These are white and warm yellow. Its advanced memory function will remember the last done setting so when you will turn it one again it will be set at the same brightness.

  • There are 12 LED light bulbs mounted on it. For the most natural application of makeup, you can use the 6000K daylight glow.

  • For changing the side of the mirror you won’t have to pick up and turn the mirror. It supports 360-degree rotation so you can freely and conveniently set your best viewing angle.



Double sided mirror

No adapter but USB cable can be used with PC or power bank

1X magnification


10X magnifications sucker


360-degree rotation


Tinplate frame


2 color modes


8. KRUGG *High Gloss Finish Mirror*

Krugg Hollywood Mirror

Krugg mirror is the one that will perfectly compliment a Hollywood vanity set. There is no color variety available in it but white seems to be a perfect choice for many. There are multiple reasons why you can opt for this mirror. If you want to be red carpet ready and mesmerize the masses during your night interviews then you can simply do that with this mirror. You can simply look your best even on a date or get together with friends. You might have noticed that actor’s post perfect selfies. These selfies are usually taken in front of these lighted makeup mirrors. So if you want to flaunt your look on social media then you can take a selfie in front of this mirror.



  • This is a high gloss finish mirror that means you cannot doubt when it comes to the look of the mirror. It is definitely going to draw the attention of the guests that visit your house.

  • If you want to buy a product once then this could be an appropriate choice. The mirror comes with lifetime usage as the bulbs can work for 50000 hours. You will change it after getting bored of using the same mirror for years.

  • Krugg Hollywood mirror has a five-year warranty for its users. This seems to be the longest warranty period offered by the mirror manufacturers. It has a simple return policy so you can return it if you do not like it.

  • This would be the perfect gift for anyone. If you plan to go to the housewarming party then gift this mirror. It can simply enhance the look of any room. Also, the lighting, if used only as decoration piece so that your room is lighted up, will look perfect.

  • There is a support stand included in the package for freestanding usage. You can even use it in the wall mount form.



High-quality mirror

No spare LEDs but these serve for a lifetime

Energy saving LED lighting


Silver backed mirror


5-year warranty


Perfect gift for special someone


9. VELOUER *MultiPurpose Hollywood Mirror With Bulbs*

Velouer Hollywood Mirror

Velouer is one of the latest additions to the list of Hollywood mirrors. Whether you want to gift this mirror to the girls or women of your house it will work for both. The sleek and luxurious design of the mirror will make them feel like a celebrity. Its look is amazing and these types of mirrors are perfect for getting ready. Girls often face the problem that the foundation doesn’t appear the same when they get out of their house. It’s due to the fact that the daylight is different from the light that is in your house. You won’t face this problem as the lighting is so good that it mimics the natural daylight.


  • Velouer Hollywood mirror’s overall frame size is 35.5 x 8.4 x 47.5 in inches. The optic mirror measures 23 inches in width and 33.5 inches in height. With tinplate frame, it makes for the most sturdy mirror on the table.

  • It comes with a one year warranty period. So you won’t have to spend money on its repair even after one year of purchase. For instant help, its 24-hour customer service is highly reliable.

  • This Hollywood style mirror is waterproof. So you can even place it in the bathroom. There is no risk of its material getting damaged due to a splash of water.

  • You can use this mirror for decoration, shooting, and so on. Your eyes won’t hurt as the light is soft and doesn’t dazzle. It’s comfortable to use for long time continuous usage.

  • There is huge variation available in lighting. With three colors and ten-tone dimming option, you can set from 30 choices. For super bright lighting there are 12 LED bulbs.

  • The mirror is absolutely easy to use. You can power it with 59 inches of an extra long 12V adaptor. It is long enough so that you can mount it anywhere.



12 LED bulbs

No mirror at the back

Upgraded mirror lights


Ten-tone dimming


Long cable




Easy touch control

360-degree free rotation




Vanity mirrors are the most popular types of mirrors. Ever since their launch, there has been an addition in their variety. One of them is this Hollywood style mirror that can be used to apply makeup, check your appearance so that you look your best. There is a criterion that will help you in selecting the best one. We have listed them here. Some of them are mandatory while some can be overlooked.

  • Height: You must check the height of the mirror. For this, you can sit on the vanity stool at your home and check your eye level. The mirror should be such that once you sit it should give a clear look of your face. There should be some space above so that you can even try different hairstyles and look at them clearly. Alternatively, you can even change the height of the vanity table or stool.

  • Placement: Once the mirror is bought you are going to place it somewhere. So check the placement space like the table. There should be enough space on the table to accommodate the makeup Hollywood mirror. In case, you are planning to hang the mirror then the wall should have the required space. If space is not proper then the mirror may fall off. You must make sure that the mirror is fitted properly.

  • Shape: Hollywood mirrors are available in different shapes. The most suitable one would depend on the wall space. It should go with the other things that are kept in your room or vanity. The square or rectangle one is the most popular as it goes with the most suites. If you want to add a bit contemporary touch to your room then go for the round one. It is available in a clean and simplistic look and would be a creative choice.

  • Number of LEDs: These mirrors come with LED bulbs and that is the primary reason people buy it. So check the number of LED bulbs that are mounted on the mirror. It depends on you whether you want a mirror with less number of bulbs or more number of bulbs. You can even check the lighting whether it is warm or cool light. This will further help you in selecting the appropriate mirror.

  • Framed or Frameless: The vanity Hollywood mirror with lights is available in both framed and frameless form. The frameless mirrors are of certain color like white, black, or other. So you have to buy them by matching with the décor of your room. In case of frameless ones, it is a mirror with bulbs mounted on it. So there is no color dependability. Once you will buy these Hollywood mirrors it will be a statement piece in your home. Once you will light them up it will take you back to the Marilyn and Audrey era.

  • Price: The price of the product matters a lot. You cannot just go and buy the mirror without knowing at its price. Of course, there is an exception as some are only interested in buying the best no matter what the price is. This criterion works in combination with the other ones mentioned in the list. You must set a budget for buying the mirror and keep some extra amount in case the mirror has some really interesting features. An extra amount may save your money in the long run.


The list has the collection of latest Hollywood mirrors that are best and top rated. You won’t have to spend extra time finding one for your home or vanity. All of them have some interesting features that will attract anyone’s attention. These are not only used for applying makeup but also as a decoration piece. You will find Vanity Girl Hollywood mirrors to Chende ones. All you have to do is just go through the features and select the one that fits your requirement. If you go through the complete list and have a doubt related to any product then you can contact. We will be happy to receive your feedback and would love to answer you as soon as possible.

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