7 Best Bathroom Mirrors Reviews 2020 [Framed And Frameless]

Its everyone’s desire to look good all the time. Don’t you think a bathroom is the best place to start working on your beauty essentials? If you want to admire how good your look is then you will need a mirror. Mirrors are every women’s best friend. You will always find a small mirror in their handbag. They love to keep a check on their look from time to time. Here we are not going to discuss those handy mirrors but the bathroom ones.

The mirror is not only used to look at our reflection but it has multiple other benefits. One such benefit is enhancing the home décor. Just like the bedrooms, people want their bathroom to look good too. When it comes to bathroom people often overlook the mirror but it should not be done. Everything that looks good tends to change our mood. So we believe that you should invest in a good mirror. You will find the best bathroom mirrors here. There is a high variety available in the market that includes bathroom mirror with lights, led bathroom mirrors, and more. We highly believe that you go through the reviews before placing an order for one.

Best Bathroom Mirrors 2019




Bonnlo [Top Pick]

Bluetooth Speakers

Round, Oval, and Rectangle



Emma and Rectangle

Hamilton Hills [Editor's Choice]

Metal Frame


Mirror Trend [Best Value]

Clear Silver Mirror

Emma and Rectangle


Storage Shelf


Howard Eliott Collection

Oval Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish



High Gloss Painted Float Glass



  • Size: When you plan to choose the size of the mirror it is very important to know the size of the vanity. If the vanity is small and you buy a large mirror just because it is beautifully designed it won’t be the right decision. It would be a complete mismatch once you fit the mirror in your bathroom. The size mismatch will be clearly visible. In fact, you can go with a small mirror but large ones are the completely wrong choice.
  • Framed or Frameless: Whether you want to buy a framed or frameless bathroom mirrors is totally your choice. If you are looking for a nice balance in your home décor then you can buy a mirror with the framed finish. It will give a pleasing look to your bathroom. Frameless mirrors work easily in case of contemporary or modern finish. Also, these are a bit less expensive and quite stylish. If there is not a lot of décor in your bathroom then you can add it for a minimalist and elegant look..
  • Shape: The bathroom mirrors are available in a wide variety of shapes. These could be round, square, and uneven. Round mirrors could be used if you want some softness in the bathroom look. The reason is that the bathroom is already filled with a hard surface and straight lines.
  • Price: Whether you plan to buy a mirror or any other product, the price is the prime factor in selecting them. The benefit here is that these mirrors are not as costly as the complete vanity set with mirror is. You will find tons of options ranging from very low to very high in price. It's just the unique features that add to the cost of the mirror. So you have a choice that whether you want to take benefit of such offers or not.
  • Lights: The bathroom mirrors with lights have become very popular. Bathrooms already have lights but if the mirror has light then it just makes the whole look of the bathroom stand out. If you want soft lighting in the bathroom then you can just turn the mirror lights on. Make sure you understand this fact that the lights will need a power supply. It could be wired or battery operated.

1. BONNLO *Backlit Wall Mounted Mirror*

Bonnlo Bathroom Mirror

If you are looking for a mirror to add style to your bathroom then you can go for the Bonnlo bathroom mirror. The aesthetic of this mirror screams how sleek and modern it is. There are certain things that you should keep in mind for the maintenance of this mirror. Once you receive the mirror clean it by using a soft and dry cloth. Make sure you never use abrasive material or cleaning agents on it. The mirror looks absolutely beautiful once it is lit.


  • The stylish style and contemporary look make it stand out from others. It has an eye-catching accent that will immediately attract your guest's attention. Just add it in your bathroom or bedroom and it will add a touch of luxurious look to any room.
  • The screws will be fitted at the back of the mirror so they won’t hinder with its finished look.
  • If you are taking a hot water bath then there will be fog accumulation on the surface of the mirror. To get rid of fog turn on the anti-fog switch. The moisture-proof stripe is such that it will eliminate the troubling fog from the surface of the mirror. Its independent switch mode will save your monthly utility bills.
  • It is easy to set your desired brightness level. First, press the button to switch on the lights. After that press and hold the button. You will see the change in brightness level. Once the desired brightness level is reached move your hand away from the switch. So the illuminated bathroom mirrors will be a great choice for ones who like to dress up in the bathroom.
  • The advanced memory function will make sure that you won’t have to change the settings again and again. It will remember the last setting when you will turn on the switch again.
  • Listen to your favorite songs while you take a bath. The integrated Bluetooth speaker connectivity is the one for it. You can play music directly from your phone.



Contemporary style

You need to turn on the anti-fog function manually.

Eye-catching accent

Moisture proof stripe

Dimming ability

Memory function

Satisfaction guarantee

2. HANS&ALICE *Dimmable Bathroom Lighted Mirror*

Hans and Alice Bathroom Mirror

The Hans & Alice mirror is easy to install and the finish is amazing. You can look at the image itself to see how beautiful it would look once you fit it in your bathroom. In case you want some variation then the Hans & Alice collection has more. There is a designer bathroom mirror in round, oval, and rectangular shapes.


  • The one displayed in the image is 24 x 32 in inches. It is 5 mm thick and there is 22 mm aluminum frame on the back.
  • You won’t have to constantly clean the mirror. The reason is its built-in anti-fog film. Once you will turn the mirror on this function will be automatically activated. You can save your money that you will otherwise spend on buying fog free spray.
  • You can hang this mirror in both horizontal and vertical position. The mounting hardware like screws is included in the package. There is a UL listed plug that can be cut so that it is connected to the junction box.
  • If you will press the dimmable touch button for 3 seconds then you can adjust the lighting of LED lights. You can set it in the range of 0 to 1600 lm. These are high quality LED lights so it will save 80% of the energy.
  • The Hans & Alice mirror comes with a one year warranty period. For the whole year, you won’t have to spend money on this mirror if there is any technical issue.



Multiple size availability

The high-end product so requires a bit investment

Energy saving

Illuminated bathroom mirror

UL listed plug

Horizontal or Vertical mounting option


3. HAMILTON HILLS *Contemporary Framed Round Mirror*

Hamilton Hills Bathroom Mirror

When it comes to bathroom mirrors for sale, Hamilton Hill is a top brand. This particular design of the mirror is available in brushed silver, brown, black, bronze, and other colors. The whole family of the manufacturer has been in this business for years. You will be assured by the quality of the product.


  • This is a sophisticated design mirror that will simply compliment any room. This can match any design and style and give it a contemporary finish.
  • The one displayed in the picture is of 22 x 30 in inches. You can even select the ones that are smaller or larger than this one. There are round black metal corners. The frame is surrounded by 1/8 inches of this gap.
  • The glass in the mirror is safely inlaid. For protection, there is a frame construction on the sides. The installation seems to be easy. In the mirror package, you will get D-ring hanging clips. In case, you want to change the position of the mirror on the wall when you use the hardware and screws that you get with it.
  • You can totally trust the quality of the product. The manufacturer is known for delivering excellent quality products. It is a family-owned business that follows simple principles.
  • If the customer is not satisfied by the quality of the product then there are no questions asked return policy. You will get a full refund. The manufacturer seems confident so you are going to love the product.



Sophisticated finish

The look of the mirror is a bit simple

Safely custom inlaid

Easy to install

Mounting hardware included

Exceptional quality

100% money back guarantee

4. MIRROR TREND *Emma Shaped Frameless Mirror*

Mirro Trend Bathroom Mirrors

Mirror Trend’s mirror seems to be the new addition to the shape of mirrors. In most of the house, you will find rectangular or round bathroom mirrors. It is hard to find such a uniquely shaped mirror. So it would be a great choice if you want to add something interesting to your bathroom.


  • This is a high-quality clear silver mirror. The solid core wood on the sides helps in securely mounting the glass. These types of framed bathroom mirrors are safe and stable. This mirror can be hung in a horizontal or vertical position according to your needs.
  • The Emma shaped mirror has a level of one inch. This adds the perfect finishing touch to the bathroom. You can even mount it in the living room or bedroom.
  • In low-end mirrors, there is reflection distortion so you cannot view yourself with much clarity. Here, this is a silver mirror so you won’t face this problem. To ensure safety the mirror edges are hand polished.
  • There are three-hole hooks that you can use to hang this sturdy mirror. For the installation of mirrors, there are certain instructions that you need to follow. These instructions are attached to this mirror.
  • You will get this top-quality mirror at an affordable price. Also, there is a top-rated bathroom mirror. In case, you are not satisfied with the quality of this mirror then you can easily return it. You will get full refund amount.



Clear silver mirror

Sharp edges need extra care while cleaning

Emma shaped

No reflection distortion

3 hole hooks

Instructions manual included

100% satisfaction guarantee

5. HOMFA *Bathroom Wall Mirror With Shelf*

Homfa Bathroom Mirrors

Homfa is another bathroom mirror that is highly rated. It has been receiving positive feedback from a lot of customers. There are two color options available in Homfa bathroom mirrors. These are brown and white. It comes in one size itself. The whole size dimensions are 23.6 inches length, 4.7 inches width, and 27.6 inches of height. It will be a mediumly sized option that would look great once you match it with your vanity.


  • The bathroom wall mirror is made of high-grade MDF material. Depending on your choice you will get the white or brown finished mirror. The use of MDF makes it highly durable so you won’t have to invest in a new mirror for a really long time.
  • In case there is not enough space in your bathroom to keep the essentials then this mirror will combat that issue too. There is a shelf that provides enough storage space to keep cosmetic, washing utensils, and glasses. Along with the bathroom, this will be a suitable option for bedroom and kitchen too.
  • This bathroom mirror is a perfect choice for those who think assembly products is a task. Here, all the mounting hardware are already included so you can assemble it easily. It will provide you with that extra storage space without taking up much of your space.



Solid MDF material

The items kept on the space are visible to everyone





Storage space

Easy assembly

6. HOWARD ELIOTT COLLECTION *Oval Hanging Wall Mirror*

Howard Eliott Bathroom Mirror

There are a lot of people who choose products based on color. In the usual mirror collection the most common colors that you will find are brown, black, and white. For those who want to buy a glossy hot pink colored mirror, the search seems to be never-ending. Here, the Howard Elliott collection of mirrors tops in variety. Whether you consider the style or color it has a variation to satisfy all of your needs.


  • The oval wood framed mirror would be the perfect focal point for bathroom, bedroom, or any entryway.
  • Its wooden frame has been given utmost importance. There is an oil rubbed bronze finishing on this mirror. If you look at the image carefully then you will find the accented grooves. These grooves add more character and depth to the frame.
  • To further increase the interest of its customer this mirror’s edges are beautifully beveled. It seems the manufacturer has worked really hard to deliver the best to its customers.
  • The best part about this framed bathroom mirror is that there is no assembly required. The D-rings are fixed at the back of the mirror. You will have to just remove the mirror out of the box. It supports both horizontal as well as vertical orientation.



Beautiful focal point

The mirror doesn’t come with lights

Wooden oval frame

Beveled design

Affixed D-rings

Easy to hang a mirror

7. MIRRORSHOME *Modern Framed Striped Wall Mirror*

MirrorsHome Bathroom Mirror

Don’t you think mirrors are not just used for reflection but there is a decorative value too? People visit your home and you can keep decorative items in your living room and bedroom. Don’t you think the bathroom is another essential corner of your house that is visited by guests? Ladies love touch ups and if the mirror in the bathroom is of good quality then they will be surely impressed by your choice.


  • MirrorsHome uses high-end technology. The glass used is of high gloss painted float type. You might have noticed that the mirrors in the salons or boutique shine and give a clear reflection. This mirror is being used in such places.
  • This is a uniquely designed mirror and you won’t find a mirror attached to painted float glass easily in the market.
  • The mirror is flexible with vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • This bathroom mirror can be mounted using heavy duty hangers. So you won’t have to worry about the sudden falling off the mirror. It will be completely supported by these hangers.
  • You can choose the mirror color from black, deep black, and brown. You won’t be in loss if you will place an order for this mirror. Even if you do not like the mirror then you can request for a refund. So you will get the full amount after returning the product.
  • If you have children at your home then kids might often visit your home. Kids love to play with the mirror and often scratch them. This won’t be a problem as the mirror is scratch resistant.



Famous luxurious technology

It is not beveled

Uniquely designed

Flexible style

Heavy duty hangers

Striped wall mirror

Industrial paint application

Types Of Mirror

In case you are still unaware of the types of the mirror then you can go through this list. It will give you an insight of it so that when you buy a mirror for any other section of your home you know what you are looking for.

  • Full-Length Mirror: These mirrors could be in horizontal or vertical form. The horizontal ones take up more space that could take up more length as compared to the bathroom vanity. They are known for creating an illusion of a bigger space. Also, these will bring more light into the room. Coming to the vertical ones. If you want to view your whole body then you can opt for these ones. This could be a great option for those who have the habit of dressing up in the bathroom. If you can view only half of your look then you will be in doubt about the matching pants or shoes.
  • Wall Mirror: When you think of the wall mirror then the first section of your house that comes in your mind is the bathroom. Almost every house has once had a wall mirror in the bathroom. These mirrors are mainly available in framed form. The material of the frame could be wood, metal, or plastic. You must buy a mirror that matches the décor perfectly. Make sure you always leave some on each side while you fit the mirror on the wall.
  • Accent Mirror: The term itself explains the type of mirror we are talking about. You can add more character and enchantment to the bathroom with this mirror. These are again available in different size. In fact, you will find some with several connected pieces to give that unique and classy look. The only issue with such mirrors is that they are proportionally bulkier due to the heavy frame usage. You can opt for them if you want to add some artwork to your bathroom.
  • Cabinet Mirror: Here, you will have to understand that it is a combination of the cabinet with mirror. So from the front, you will feel like it is just a mirror but it will have hidden storage behind it. If you do not want to display all the items that you keep in your bathroom then opt for this one. If there is a cabinet in the vanity then even that one can do the job.


The collection of bathroom mirrors is shortlisted after going through multiple factors. We have chosen the best bathroom mirror with lights to the one without lights. There is an option for every customer. If you will go through the complete list then you will understand that there have been quite a variant mirrors. In fact, the price of these mirrors is another reason for which you will love this list. There are ones that price as low as 44$ to the ones with the high price range. The price of these mirrors is the result of their high-quality finishing.

Whether you want bathroom mirrors for small bathrooms or larger ones there is an option for all of you. The first one that is the Bonnlo bathroom mirror is perfect for a huge house with a large bathroom space. It has lights that will further enhance the look of the space you are going to mount it in. You can even check the top vanity mirror with lights for your bedrooms. For any sort of queries on these bathroom mirrors, you can always get back to us. We have been constantly working on improving our review strategy and would love to hear from our readers. The comment box would ask for some basic details like name and email. Once you fill these you can add your comment in the box.

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