Best Vanity Mirror With Lights

Makeup has become an essential part of every girl’s life. Be it a teenager girl or an aged woman, they need makeup to enhance their beauty. With makeup comes the need of a mirror. You need a mirror to apply makeup properly. Pocket size mirrors do not work in such cases. Mirrors and lights play an equally important role in applying makeup. If a mirror can even provide lighting, wouldn’t it be a boon? Here, you can check the best vanity mirror with lights and their description in detail.

Makeup involves applying eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and many more products. You need to apply these products with precision to create a beautiful look. Girls know the importance of the wing of the eyeliner. Similarly, other products matter a lot. If the lighting is dim, you cannot view the true color of the product. When it comes to foundation, the base needs to match with the skin color. Perfect lighting is a great way to ensure flawless makeup. You can even view minute harsh lines on your face. Go through the list of lighted makeup mirror and buy the one suitable for you.

Top Rated Vanity Mirrors





Tinplate Metal Frame



Metal body


Aoleen Frameless Vanity

Stainless Steel Body


Nora Beauty

TinPlate Metal Body


Chende Frameless

Clear Stainless Steel Frame and Optic glass


Vanity Girl

Premium glass and Metal base


Impressions Vanity Mirror

Aluminium Frame


MRah Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Stainless Steel Frame


WanEway Lighted Vanity Mirror

Metal Frame and Base


Starlet Lighted Mirror

High-Gloss steel with Optic Glass



Size of Mirror: The Vanity mirrors are available in variable sizes. There are large makeup mirrors to medium size ones. In certain cases, ordering a huge mirror that takes up a lot of space can be problem. Check the dimensions of the mirrors before placing order for them. Match the dimensions with the wall or corner you want to place the mirror in.

Material: Material of the mirror matters a lot. Every material has its own advantages. If you like glossy mirrors select a mirror made up of high-gloss material. Similarly, you can buy a mirror with metal base for no shine. Make sure you check the material in the description of the mirror. Always select a premium quality mirror for more durability.

Framed or Frameless: There are different types of mirrors available in the market. Framed or Frameless you can buy both types of mirrors. The difference is in the look and feel of the mirrors. Some users find framed ones visually pleasing while some not. Depends on what type of mirror you want to buy.

No. of LED Bulbs: Another important before buying a vanity mirror is the LED bulbs. There are LED bulbs mounted on the mirror. The availability varies from 6 to 14 bulbs and more. If you are buying the vanity mirror for a small room, even 6 bulbs will do your work. Based on your requirement, select the one appropriate for you.

Kind of Mirror: Companies keep introducing new type of mirrors. There are mirrors that you can mount on walls or use as the table tops. As wall mounted mirrors won’t fit in as tabletop mirrors and vice-versa. Go for the mirror that fits best into the place. You should check whether the mirror matches your requirement or not.

Price of Mirror: Price is one of the key factors in buying the vanity mirrors. If your budget is low, researching a high price product is a waste of time. Set a budget for the product you wish to buy. With high price comes better quality too. Make sure you invest in a good quality product. It’s always good to plan first and buy next.

Color Temperature: Color temperature is another factor that affects the selection of mirrors. Based on the color temperature you can determine the color of LED light. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin. You will find the temperature with “K” written at the end of the number. The light is on the cooler side if the temperature is high. Decide the color of the light and accordingly buy them.

Color: There are vanity mirrors available with different color combination. Match the color of the mirrors with décor of the room before buying them. If you buy a mirror black in color and the whole room décor is in white, the mirror won’t look good. The look and feel of the mirror equally matters in selecting the mirror. Always, check the color of the mirror.


Best Vanity Mirror with Lights

The frame and base of Geek-House mirror are made of tinplate metal. Metal plate helps in stabilizing the mirror. Geek-House is available in three colors. The colors are Pink, Black, and White. You can use the smart touch control to adjust the brightness. The mirror has 12 LED bulbs mounted alongside the frame. The Lifespan of these bulbs is around 50,000 hours. Thus, you won’t have to change the bulb for a really long time.

​This premium quality mirror provides natural lighting. Talking about the measurement, height of the mirror is 16 inches, width 12 inches. Diagonal measurement of the mirror is 20 inches. From the base, the mirror measures around 19 inches. You can view your entire face at once as the thickness of the mirror is 5mm. If you are not comfortable with straight mirror, tilt the frame for a better view.

​The Geek-House mirror offers 180-degree rotation. Forget about those traditional mirrors where you had to bend to apply makeup. Instead, use this modern vanity mirror to facilitate makeup application. You will get a charger along with the mirror to charge the LED bulbs. With multi-layered packaging, you can use the mirror safely.

For powering the Geek House vanity mirror you will need an adapter. The adapter comes with this vanity mirror set. You will get 60 inches extra-long UL certified adapter that is safe to use. This could be of great benefit as you will be able to set the mirror anywhere in your room. It is long enough to be plugged in to far away switches. This superbly designed mirror has to be one of the finest addition to your home or salon. Makeup artists are going to love it as there are appropriate light settings and large enough to give you an appropriate view of the face.


  • Smart Touch
  • Memory
  • LED bulbs
  • Charger
  • Multi-Layering
  • Tilting Support

Power the Geek-House LEDs using a charger. The voltage of the charger is 12V.



Available in three different colors-White, Black, and Pink

Too many packaging layers that ensure safety

Screen touch to adjust the brightness

Tilting panel to change the angle of the mirror

Highly durable due to the lifespan of LED bulbs

Made up of premium quality material

Multi-layer packaging


Vanity Mirror With LED Bulbs

AIMEE-JL is a large makeup mirror. There are two color options for buying AIMEE-JL. You can choose from white and black color. The finishing of the mirror is smooth. You won’t find any trace of rust on the surface. The Large size of the mirror facilitates the user with the complete view at once. When it comes to glass lenses, the lenses are imported. Thus, the imaging quality of the mirror is high-definition. If you are considering buying a large mirror with HD quality, you have to buy this one.

​AIMEE comes with 12 LED bulbs. The lifespan of the bulbs is huge. Thus, these LEDs offer highly durable service to the user. With one touch, you can adjust the brightness of the bulbs. This large mirror is 41 cm long and 30 cm wide. You can easily change the color of the light. Use the dual switch to change the color of LEDs from yellow to white. Set the light according to your requirement.


  • Polished Look
  • Dual Switch
  • Thickness
  • Glass Lenses
  • Quick Installation
  • High-Definition

The image quality of the mirror is high-definition. You can apply makeup with utmost precision.



Uses a dual switch for change in LED light color

Large Mirror Size to offer a better view

Large Size

HD quality imaging

Highly thick

Available in white and black color

Smooth surface polishing


The Aoleen Vanity Mirror is frameless. Frameless mirrors reduce the hassle of selecting the perfect frame. These mirrors match any style or theme. It’s simple and clean look adds a style statement to the decor. Variable size mirrors are available with price varying according to the size.

​There are 14 dimmable LED bulbs on the mirror that includes 2 extra bulbs. LEDs illuminate warm white light that offers clear view to the user. You can view even minute details of skin and hair using the mirror. If you are looking for a mirror that offers two-way functions, then Aoleen is for you. The base of the mirror is detachable. Thus, you can hang the mirror or use it as a table-top mirror.

​The dimensions of the mirror are 31.5 inches in length, 25.6 inches wide, with 2.36 inches height. Measurements do not include the base of the mirror. Made up of Stainless steel, the mirror has a very strong base. Using the switch you can easily change the brightness level from high to low.


  • Dimmer Switch
  • Soft Light
  • Detachable Base
  • Power Outlets
  • Quick Installation
  • Bulbs

With 14 LED bulbs, the mirror offers a high level of brightness. The brightness is perfect for applying makeup and other grooming activities.



Easy to install

Little pricey so that it offers unique and advanced features

Strong sturdy body

The Detachable base that offers two-way functioning

Two Power outlets

14 LED bulbs that are dimmable

Available in different sizes

Soft lighting


Vanity Mirror With Large Bulbs

Nora Beauty offers the perfect combination of a mirror with a holder. This Hollywood style makeup mirror has a strong base. Tinplate metal is used for frame and the base. The material used in manufacturing the whole set is of high-quality. Thus, the product is durable. Dimensions of the frame are 14.5x3.5x19 in inches. Optic mirror has different measurements with 12 inches wide and 16 inches height.

​The Hollywood style vanity mirror uses 12 large LED bulbs to provide high brightness. If you are not comfortable with bright light, dim the light. Adjust the brightness using the smart touch sensor on the mirror. Daylight and Warm light both the options are available. Choose the level of brightness you are comfortable in. For charging, you can use the USB charger that comes along with the mirror.

​You will receive a clear makeup organizer along with the mirror. Organize the brushes in the most effective way by using the rack. There are up to 10 oval holes for holding brushes. At the bottom of the mirror, you will find a clock. You won’t have to use an extra clock for watching the time while getting ready.


  • Touch Sensor
  • Clock
  • Magnifier
  • Durable
  • No wiring
  • Skidproof Base
  • Rotation

The Vanity mirror offers 180-degree rotation. You can set the position of the mirror according to your wish.



No assembly or wiring required

Magnified mirror for accuracy

Rotatable mirror

Smart touch technology

Skidproof Base

Adjustable light

A timer at the bottom

Highly durable


The Chende is a frameless mirror. Frameless mirrors are easy to install and maintain. You can clean the mirror easily. Size of this Hollywood style mirror is 25.6 x 19.7 x 2.4 in inches. The body of the mirror is made of Stainless steel that makes the mirror strong. Steel used to manufacture the mirror is clear. Thus, you won’t have to compromise with the look for buying a strong mirror.

​Use of optic glass reduces the chances of image deformation. Made with high precision, the edges of the mirror won’t hurt your hand. There are 12 LED bulbs, with 2 extra bulbs included in the package. The mirror has back support to give firm base. Whether you are a professional salon owner or a homemaker, the mirror is ideal for you.

​The look and feel of the mirror is amazing. With charging cable on the back side, the wires won’t appear in the front. With Rotary switch you can adjust the brightness of the bulbs easily. Set the brightness and apply makeup perfectly. If you are looking for a tabletop mirror with a strong body, you should definitely buy this mirror.


  • Luxury Look
  • Safe
  • Power Socket
  • Clarity
  • Power Saving

The mirror is designed in such a way that it gives luxury feeling to the user.



Luxury design and look

You cannot hang the tabletop mirror

Smooth finishing

High Precision edges

Rotary switch to dim lights

Power socket to use beauty accessories

Clear Reflection


Vanity Girl is one of the latest additions to the glamorous vanities. The focus of the manufacturer is on both fantasy and function. By fantasy, it means the mirror looks amazingly stylish. The luxury tabletop mirror can fit into any makeup room. This mirror is everything a creative person would desire for. You can turn your table into a personal makeup area with Vanity Girl mirror.

​The credit for creating the vanity mirror goes to a woman in Los Angeles. Top level salons praise the design and quality of the mirror. With little assembly requirement, you can assemble the mirror in few minutes. You will get tools and directions for assembling the product along with the mirror. If you have any standard wall kit, you can hang the mirror on the wall.

​The best part of the mirror is its sleek design. Use of ultra-thin silhouette gives a perfect look to the mirror. The base of the mirror is 28 inches long and 13.5 inches deep. Looking for a tall mirror with classy looks? Vanity Girl is the best choice for you. The mirror is extra tall with height 35 and breadth 26 in inches. The mirror weighs 39 lbs.


  • LED Bulbs
  • Power Outlet
  • Dimmer Switch
  • Base
  • Sleek Design
  • Trustworthy
  • Assembly

The Package includes directions and tools required to assemble the mirror. Thus, you won’t have spent an extra amount on assembling the parts of the mirror.



Made up of premium quality glass and metal

Extra tall so that you get a better and clear view

Double power outlets that give more plugin options to the user

You can use it as a tabletop or a wall mounted mirror

Beautiful Sleek design

Minimal assembly requirement

Dimmer switch to control lighting


Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lighted Bulbs

The Impressions vanity mirror is available in two colors. The color options are black and white. This timeless classic Hollywood mirror will enhance the decor of your room. The design of the mirror is apt for all types of decor. This mirror is a great value for money. You won’t regret investing in the Impressions vanity. The weight of this mirror is 29 lbs.

​Impressions vanity is a lightweight mirror. You can use the mirror in two ways. You can either hang the mirror on the wall or use as a tabletop mirror. For example-If you have kids at home, you can hang the mirror to keep it out of reach of children. You won’t have to make holes in the mirror. There are pre-made holes on the backside of the mirror for the wall mount support.

​The Mirror has a dimmer switch. You can completely control the lighting using the switch. This Hollywood style mirror is made up of aluminum metal. For table top setup, wooden base is used. The base of the metal is detachable. You can remove the base for hanging the mirror. Length and width of the mirror are 24 and 8 inches respectively. The Height of Impressions vanity is 32.5 inches.


  • Timeless
  • Lighting
  • Clear Reflection
  • Light-weight
  • Power Plug
  • Detachable Base
  • LED Bulbs
  • Dimmer Switch

Easy to control the lighting using the switch.



Perfect lighting

Less number of bulbs that offer perfect lighting

Timeless look

Power Outlet

Detachable wooden base

High-quality material frame


Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lighted Bulbs

The MRah Hollywood cosmetic mirror is one of the cheapest mirrors. The Professional makeup mirror has 12 LED bulbs mounted alongside the frame. These LEDs illuminate the bright light. The brightness level of the light is such that you can even do makeup in darkness. You can even rotate the mirror to set it at a particular angle.

​Are you looking for a mirror that’s available at an affordable price? MRah Hollywood mirror will perfectly fit in your budget. You will get some really amazing features at low cost. Coming to the materials, stainless steel is used in manufacturing the frame of the Hollywood makeup mirror. The glossy finish of the frame makes it look more beautiful. Without paying much amount, you get a mirror with high-grade quality.

There is a dimmer switch on the bottom portion of the mirror. You can use the front on/off switch to adjust the level of brightness for LEDs. Long press the dimmer switch to change the color of LED light. You can change the color of light from white light to warmer light tones. Use the mirror for multi-purposes like decoration, makeup, and more. When it comes to dimensions, the mirror is 16 inches long and 14 inches wide.


  • High-Quality Material
  • Glossy Finish
  • Easy Installation
  • Color Variations
  • Dimmer Switch
  • Adapter
  • Safe to use

The LED bulbs won’t hurt you if you touch them. LEDs are efficient enough and do not get hot even after using for a long time.



Glossy and seamless

360-degree rotation to provide you perfect angle

12 Dimmable bulbs

Easy to install


LED color options


Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror With Lights

WanEway is a vanity mirror with overall height 19 inches. The width and height of the mirror are 12 and 16 inches respectively. If you are looking for a mirror that allows you to adjust angles, this one’s for you. You can adjust the angle of the mirror. Once the angle is changed, you can fix the mirror at a particular position. Whether you are standing or sitting, just tilt the mirror accordingly.

​The LED bulbs used to provide lighting are 12 in number. The color temperature of the warm light varies from 3000K to 4000K. When it comes to daylight the temperature varies from 5000K to 6000K. The high-quality bulbs provide a clear reflection of your face. Makeup geeks are going to love this mirror. You can apply makeup in the most natural way. At night, with only mirror lights, you can apply makeup perfectly.

​One of the most important features of LED bulbs is its lifespan. With 50000 hours of lifespan, the LEDs would last you really long. With no replacement required, you will have to invest only once. The smart touch switch is used to control the bulbs. Simply touch the sensor switch to adjust the brightness levels. There is a specialized memory function in the mirror. For example-You have set the brightness level of the mirror high. Now, you turn off the lights. Once again when you turn on the lights, the brightness level will be same.


  • Natural Light
  • Smart Touch
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Lifespan
  • Easy Usage
  • No wiring required
  • Free Rotation
  • Clean Reflection
  • Size
  • Multi-purpose

The mirror is large enough to provide a complete view of your face.



Easy to use

Remember the last set brightness so you will have to adjust again.

Smart touch technology

Natural lighting

Superior quality mirror

Huge Lifespan of LEDs

No wiring required


Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror

The Starlet is a landscape style mirror. This means it looks like a rectangular shaped mirror. The mirror is available in three different colors. The colors are Silver, Gloss Black, and White. Unlike other mirrors, the mirror is not directly mounted on the base. There is a design in between the mirror and the base. This makes the mirror look beautiful and different from other mirrors.

​This one is the best vanity mirror with lights. If you are looking for something that enhances your room décor, then the mirror is a must buy. A mirror with great looks and functions are rare to find. The functioning of the mirror is given equal importance along with the design. This decorative mirror will give a striking appearance to your room. Order the mirror now and change the look of your room.

The generous full-size mirror is 8 inches deep. Height and width of the mirror are 28 and 34 inches respectively. If you do not want a tabletop mirror, detach the mirror base. There are pre-made holes on the back of the mirror. These holes will help you in easily hanging the mirror. Thus, the mirror would work as a wall-mounted mirror too. There are 6 bulbs mounted on the mirror. Left and right frame have 3 bulbs each.


  • High-Quality
  • Glossy Finish
  • Dimmable Bulbs
  • Design
  • Trustworthy
  • Highly-Praised
  • Color
  • Pre-Made holes

You won’t have to spend a single penny on making holes on the back of the mirror. The pre-made holes offer the easy wall-mounting facility.



Smooth Finish

Less number of bulbs to offer mirror at a cheaper price

Dimmable bulbs

Recommended by celebrities

Illuminates different colors

Laser-etching design


Here, we have listed perfect lighted vanity mirrors. There are different options available for different locations. If you need a mirror for your home, you can try Starlet mirror. Similarly, if you need a salon grade mirror then multiple options are available. Every mirror has some pros and cons. You need to check the details of all the mirrors to select the one perfect for you.

​If you love doing makeup, these vanity mirrors are going to ease your work. With power outlets, you can even use styling accessories. These types of mirrors are going to reduce your hassle for searching a plug-in. If you are looking for a vanity table then check the mirrored vanity table online. You will find multiple options. If there is darkness in the room the LED bulbs on the mirror will provide perfect lighting. LEDs are highly efficient, so won’t have to worry about the electricity bill.

Some of the mirrors are even recommended by celebrities. This quality of the mirrors makes it trustworthy. Thus, you can order them without worrying about the quality. Just order these mirrors and apply makeup perfectly. You can check the price of the mirrors before ordering them. In case, you have a query regarding the lighted makeup mirrors, you can add a comment for the same. Your queries will be solved by one of the team members.