9 Interesting Things You Can Do With Your Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are not just simple hair drying tools. They can work wonders if we know how to use them in the perfect way. If you are reading this then it means you already own a hair dryer. There would rarely be anyone who owns styling tools but doesn’t have a hairdryer. In fact, this is one of the first styling tools that the girls purchase at a young age. You might not be aware but American own more than 15 million hair dryers. Now, that seems to be a huge number so you should know how to use them efficiently. Here, we have shared some clever hair dryer uses that will make your life simpler. You will master the art of using the hair dryers in the best ways possible.

Things To Do With Hair Dryer

Stickers, Price Tags, or Labels Removal

If you have ever bought magnifying mirrors then you might know that some of them have labels stuck on them. These labels are an extreme pain to remove. With hair dryer, it will take you only a few seconds to remove it completely. All you have to do is simply aim the hair dryer at the sticker. Make sure the temperature setting is at the highest one. Let the hair dryer blow hair for about 4 to 6 seconds. After that, remove the label or tag and it will be peeled off easily.

Price Tags Removal

Remove Candle Wax

As much as we love candlelight dinners the clean up next morning is equally tiring. When we light candles the candle wax seems to accumulate on the surface of the table or desk. If you are a restaurant owner with candle lighting then you will understand the importance of this hack. To remove the spilled wax you have to use your hair dryer. It will soften the hard wax so that it is easy for you to clean it properly.

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Clean Crayon Marks

Decorating the wall with crayon seems to be every toddler’s birthright. If you know someone with kids at their home then you will always find some crayon marks on their wall. They just showcasing their art on the wall. In case you are worried about the future of your walls and don’t want them to look colourful then there is a tip for you. Crayons are basically made of wax so you have to soften it for removal. Blow hot hair dryer air on the wall for at least a minute. After that, you can use a scrub to rub off the melted crayon.

Remove Crayon Marks From Wall

Break In Your Shoes

Buying a new pair of shoes is a whole lot of task as there are tons of options available. You have to look at the style, type, quality, and other variants. Even after buying a new pair of shoes you need to break in the shoes. This could be done through the use of hair dryer. First, wear a couple of socks. Second, wear those tight shoes. Do the flex movement of your toes in back and forth direction. This should be done while you warm the shoe with the hair dryer. Keep a medium to a low setting so that your shoes do not get damaged. It is important to note that you can only use this trick on genuine leather shoes.

Remove Makeup Off Clothing

While doing makeup it is easy to spill some on your clothes. If you are using powder products then there are greater chances that some of it fall off. In such situations, most of us panic and try to rub it off with hands or a wipe. This is our biggest mistake as it spreads the product even more and instead of cleaning it gets spoilt. The first thing that you should do is resist the urge to wipe the stain. Instead, turn on the hair dryer so that the powder flows off the clothes surface. Blow air on both the sides of the cloth so each and every particle of powder can be removed.

Quick Dry Clothes And Unwrinkle Them

Unwrinkle Clothes With Hair Dryer

During winters it is really hard to dry clothes. Other things can be taken care of but some of the smaller items like socks need to be washed regularly. So if you want to quickly dry them then use a hair dryer. Another benefit of using a hair dryer is removing wrinkles from clothes. If you are not good at ironing but want a quick fix for it then this one is for you. First, the clothes need some steam so hang them in the bathroom while you are taking hot water bath. There are a lot of benefits of taking hot water bath. Make sure the fan is turned off so that steam stays in the room. Now, use the hottest setting to blow air on the clothes and you are done.

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Speed Up Defrosting

Over the time you might have noticed that a layer of ice can form in your freeze. This layer is annoying to look at and has other negative impacts too. It will interfere with the efficiency of the appliance and waste a lot of energy. Another disadvantage is that it consumes space. Before beginning with the process you must turn off the fridge and empty the freezer. After that just like you dry your hair starts blowing warm air into the freezer. It will speed up the melting process. Make sure you take all the precautions related to the electricity so that the water doesn’t come in contact with it.

Great Help For Painters

Dry Painting Faster

If you are a painter then you know how difficult it is to dry paintings during winters. In case, it is your regular job then a lot of paintings might be made. Now, you have to take special care of the wet ones until they completely try. If there is even a single mistake in taking care of your painting then there are chances that it will get completely spoilt. So use the hair dryer for drying them. Do not use high temperature as it can even melt the paint even further and spoil the painting. Instead, use a medium setting so that the painting dries completely.


It is important to know how you can use the same product for multiple other requirements. Till now you might have used this hair dryer for only styling but it had other interesting uses too. None of these tricks are harmful in anyway but you should always test it on a small part. In case you want to buy certain products then we have even shared the vanity mirrors with lights and other products for you.

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