10 Best Vanity Stools Reviews

Are you looking for the best vanity stool for your home? When you think of a vanity set the first thing that comes to your mind is vanity stool. For doing makeup you need to sit in a comfortable position. Doing makeup takes a lot of time. If the stool is not comfortable enough, you won’t be able to sit for a long time. The result will reflect in your makeup.

Makeup Vanity stool is considered a chic accessory. It serves multi-purpose. You can keep them in bathrooms, bedrooms, or halls. The designing of the stool is such that it will adapt to any corner of your home. Buying a vanity stool is as important as buying a mirror or table. Here, we have listed the best stools with comfortable vanity seat.






Home Styles

Hardwood Solids


Design Toscano

Solid Hardwood

Cherry, Walnut

Hillsdale Vanity Stool


Metallic Gray

Safavieh Mercer

Birch Wood



Wood covered with Fabric

Peacock, Dark Beige, Natural


Solid Rubberwood


Ashley Furniture

Metal and Plastic


Taylor Brown

Solid Birch Wood

Brown, Cream White, Grey

Ella Vanity Stool


Natural Blue Flower

Baxton Studio

Birch Wood

Beige and Grey


  • Shape : The vanity stools are available in variable shapes. The top part of the stool usually changes in shape. You can buy them in round, square, or other shapes.
  • Seat : Seat is one of major that influences the choice of stool. If the main purpose for which it is bought is not served, it would be of no use. So check the type of seat. Is it hard or soft? Based on your requirement choose a vanity stool. For adding more style even fur vanity stool are available.
  • Design : The design of the stool should match the decor of your room. The variety of stools includes the one with traditional and modern design. It’s up to you which design you want to select.
  • Size : Check the dimensions of the stool. Suppose the mirror is set at higher height. Now, a small stool won’t work for you. The size should be such that you can view yourself properly in the mirror.
  • Finish : Smooth finishing of the stool enhances its look. Whether it is a wooden or metal stool, finishing is needed to complete its look. You may buy the stool with matte or shiny finish.
  • Color : Looking for vanity chair or stool that matches your home’s decor? There is an option for each one of you. If you cannot find one, choose universal colors. They match any furniture at your home.

Types of Vanity Stool

There are different types of vanity stools available. Based on the material used you can differentiate them into three categories

Metal Stools: These are the stylish form of vanity stools. There are decorative designs and swirls in the metal. For example- Part of the metal frame will be twisted to form a leaf or other design. Depending on the thickness of the metal, the stool may have a strong or delicate look. Finishing of the metal might be done by copper, nickel, bronze or other materials. Cushions on the top add style and comfort to them. For additional space, you can buy vanity stool with storage.

Wooden Vanity Stools: Wood vanity stool gives a traditional feel to the room. When it comes to finishing, mahogany and cherry are amongst the popular ones. You also get stools with white finishing. If you have a limited budget then you can try stools made with wooden veneers. As compared to metal vanity stools, these are easy to use even without a cushion.

Wicker Stools: They are known for providing built-in comfort. They are much softer than the metal or stools. Thus, they do not always need a cushion. You can buy combination wicker stools. These stools have the base made of metal or wood while the seat is made of wicker.


Vanity Stools

Are you looking for a makeup stool at an affordable price? Home Styles vanity stool is here to serve the purpose for you. The size of the stool is perfect and can be placed anywhere. This vanity stool measures 17-inch in width and 15-inch in depth. The height of the stool is 19-inch. Hardwood solids are used to construct the stool. Legs of the stool are flared. The seat on the top is square in shape. You will feel extremely comfortable by seating on its cushioned seat.

This vanity stool is pure elegance. Its neutral color combination has impressed a lot of customers. Its flared legs give the stool that required modern touch. It is perfectly sized. So anyone would sit and feel comfortable while doing her makeup or dressing up. These types of stools can be used along with the vanity table to make a perfect combination for the corner of your home. If a lot of guests visit your home and then you can keep this stool for them to sit comfortably. In case, people visit your most often then buy two or three of them so that you are always ready to make them sit comfortably.


Do you need support for your legs when you sit on a stool? Home Style vanity stool has multiple steps at the bottom. These steps give support to both the table and the user.


  • Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Finish

A stool carries the whole weight of the person. Here, the hardwood material makes the stool strong.



Protective coating

Simple white finish with an extra protective layer


Cushioned seat

White finish


Vanity Stool Design

Design Toscano is timeless and heirloom quality furniture. If you love investing in European style furniture then you are going to love it. The dimensions of the stool are 15 x 15 x 21.5. All the measurements are in inches. The weight of the stool is 10 lbs. The design of the dressing stool is unique. There is a cushioned seat on top of the wooden base. The legs of the stool are curvy that adds to its beauty. First, wood is combined using both old and modern techniques. The carvings are made to give a unique piece of art to the user. The last step involves the staining process.


The process of manufacturing the Design Toscano involves usage of hands. It means the stool is completely handmade. No machines or artificial things are used for constructing it.


  • Design
  • Color
  • Coating
  • Replica
  • Material

Dozens of petals are carved to catch the eye of the onlooker. The crest rails are intricately pierced. Even the legs of the stool have scrollwork. Thus, the stool looks stylish and beautiful.




Little pricey to give you a unique handcrafted piece

Unique design

Protective coating



Vanity Stool Gray

Hillsdale Vanity is a cheap vanity stool. The price doesn’t affect the quality and looks of the stool. You are going to get a good quality product. The stool is made completely using metal with a cushioned seat. To add style to the stool, decorative knots are made. These knots beautifully enhance its look. Once you receive the product, you will have to assemble it. You get all the tools so you won’t have to worry about its assembling process. The measurements of the stool are 16 x 19.5 x 33.8. All the dimensions are calculated in inches.


Do you face health issues related to back? Are you more comfortable if your back has a support while sitting? This vanity stool with back has a circular support. The metal at the back is high enough to give your back perfect support.


  • Decorative
  • Color

This stool is not one of those simple metallic stools. The circular back has knots while the metal supporting it is curvy. The legs at the bottom flare outwards. This stool is an accent for any room.



Accent piece

Assembly is required that you can do easily

Metallic finish

Visually eye-catching

Back support


Vanity Stool White

As you know makeup vanity and stool go hand in hand.The choice of vanity stool should be carefully made. Safavieh Mercer’s vanity has slightly flared legs. The flare of the legs is in an outward direction. With brown colored legs, the top portion is in white color. The legs are made using birch wood that is a light wood. Upholstery on the top is made of poly cotton. Polycotton is a blend of polyester and cotton. Thus, combines the strength of two fabrics. This makes the upholstery tear-resistant. Talking about its size, it is 17.9 x 19 x 22.8 in inches.


Wouldn’t it be great if you can use the stool the time it is delivered? This can happen with the Safavieh Mercer’s vanity stool. The stool doesn’t require assembly. Just open the packaging and the product is ready to use.


  • Indulgent Comfort
  • Petite
  • Long-Lasting

If you take proper care of the stool, it is going to last for years. Little maintenance it what it needs.



Built to last long

The back support is not long still the tufted look provides enough support

Unique design

No assembly required



Modern Vanity Stool Design

Valencia is a transitional style vanity stool. It means the stool is a combination of traditional and contemporary style. The design of the stool is classic and timeless. The color of the vanity stool is the peacock. Unlike other stools that have a difference in color of cushion and base. Here, you get the stool with matching cushion. Valencia vanity stool is 19.5 in height, 22 in width, and 18.5 in depth. With all the measurements in inches, you can match it with your requirements. If you like light colors, then check the one beige in color.


The design of the stool is different. There are two semi-circles facing opposite direction. You can even say that the legs of the stool have the characteristic of a Savonarola X-chair.


  • Comfort
  • Light-weight
  • Coverage
  • Nailheads

The cushioned seat is very soft. With the solid wooden base, the cushion makes you feel comfortable



Easy to carry

The price is high owing to its excellent design and features

Fully covered fabric

Silver finish on nail heads

Soft cushion


Vanity Stool Modern

Songmics White vanity stoolis a perfect match for most home decors. It would give a contemporary style to your room. The legs are wide with legs on each side joint for more support. On the top of the stool, a cushion is fitted. The cushion is soft and padded. During long periods of sitting it relieves fatigue. When it comes to gifts, this has to be your first option. Songmics vanity stool measures 48 x 30 x 46 in centimeters.


Songmics Vanity stool doesn’t have ordinary flat surface. The bench top is extra wide with the concave shape. This extra wide stool fits your body curvature perfectly.


  • Non-slip pads
  • Sturdy
  • Hassle-free
  • Safe

Below each leg of the stool, there is a non-slip pad. These pads are black in color and prevent the stool from slipping.



Comfy padded seat

Only one color option that matches most home decors

Passes TUV test

Innovative design

Rubberwood legs

Hassle-free assembly


Vanity Stool Sliver Pearl

Are you looking for a vanity stool that gives you feel of a princess? Do you want a unique and glamorous stool for your home? Ashely Furniture is a round vanity stool with all these benefits. With all the hardware included, you can easily assemble the product. Follow the instructions on the booklet for easy assembly. The metal base is differently designed. All the legs move outward and are supported by a circular metal ring in the center.


The round upholstered seat on the top is made of faux croc. With 4 buttons and tufted seat, the stool looks fashionable and classy.


  • Mid-size
  • Elegant
  • Finishing

The stool’s measurement is such that it fits mid-size spaces. With the height of the stool being 18 inches, both the width and depth are 20 inches.



Silhouette look

Assembly required

Tufted seat

Shiny finish

Fits mid-size spaces


Vanity Stool Brown

Taylor Brown vanity stool is available in three different colors. The colors are brown, creamy white and grey. This vanity stool is made in traditional style still gives a modern appeal. Keeping in mind the comfort of the user, high-density foam is used. This foam gives exceptional comfort to the user. The height of the upholstered seat is high so that you can rest your legs properly.


On the bottom of the seat, nailhead trims are fitted. These nailheads are handmade and chic silver in color. This makes the stool look more sophisticated and stylish.


  • Stylish
  • Button
  • Versatile

Solid birch legs and linen fabric seat make the stool look stylish. Everybody at your home is going to love this modern vanity stool.



3 color options

Little pricey that comes with comfort and quality



Handcrafted tufting


Ella Vanity Stool

When it comes to furniture, vanity stools have a special value. Ella vanity stool is going to bring uniqueness to space. If you have a vanity mirror then this stool is going to complete the Vanity set. Once you add this stool to your room, it is going to spice up the complete look of the room. Width and depth of the Ella vanity stool are 19 and 23 inches respectively. The height of this stool is 30 inch.


Unlike other vanity stools, you won’t be able to see the legs of the stool. Here, the base of the stool is made in skirted form. This unique feature is something you would rarely find in any other stool.


  • Back support
  • Design

Support on the back adds more comfort to the stool. Here, the back support slowly disappears while coming down. Thus, you won’t have to face side squeezing while sitting.



Tufted seat

Skirted bottom needs to be taken extra care of

Perfect back support

Different design


Modern Vanity Stool

Baxton Studio stool is perfect for a casual and stylish lounge. You can pair it with a tri fold mirror and a low table to create your own vanity. This scrollback style contemporary stool is going to enhance the look of your room. The height of the stool is 24-inch while that of the seat is 18-inch. Ella vanity stool is 18.5 inches deep and 18-inch wide.


The foam used for making the upholstered seat is of high quality. This high-density polyurethane has flame retardant feature. Thus, it won’t catch fire immediately after coming in contact with flame.


  • Material
  • Backrest

Birch wood is used to manufacture the black stained legs. While the upholstery seat is made of linen fabric.



Linen cushioned seat

Price varies with the color

Buttons in backrest

2 color options



Here, we have listed some of the best vanity stools for you. You can buy vanity stool for bathroom, bedroom, and living room. The list includes stools of different varieties. There are some with back support and some without. Each one of them has some unique feature. This makes it stand out from the others. When it comes to vanity stool, the comfort of the user is very important. According to your requirement, you can choose from the variety of cushion options. The range of colors of vanity stools ranges from light colors like white to darker one i.e. peacock. Go through their features, pros, and cons to select the best one for you. If you are looking for a mirror with lighting, check the vanity mirror with lights.

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