Bathroom Vanity With Sink- Buyer’s Guide

The Bathroom vanity is an important part of our home. Not only makeup but bathing too have a wide range of products. People use shower gels, soaps, scrub and much more while bathing. Now, to keep everything in place and quick access you need a vanity. They have enough storage for everyday products, cleaning supplies, and accessories. Whether you buy a stylish or simple vanity it should fulfill your needs.

Bathroom vanity with sink is a blessing. You won’t have to choose either of them separately. The cabinet comes with a matching sink. These bathroom vanities with tops give an amazing look to your bathroom. We have listed vanities with the varying price. You should always be ready to spend an extra amount for a top quality product. Along with home furniture, people have started focusing on the aesthetics of bathroom vanities. This makes way for a variety of vanities with sink.

Top 9 Bathroom Vanity With Sink




RunFine Vanity

1 Drawer with 1 Cabinet

Multi Color


1 Drawer with 3 Cabinets

Multi Color


1 Drawer with 2 Cabinets


Kitchen Bath Collection

7 Drawers with 1 Cabinet


Benton Collection

3 Drawers

Metallic silver

Fine Fixtures

1 Drawer with 1 Cabinet


Slikroad Exclusive

14 Drawers with 2 Cabinet


Water Creation

1 Drawer with 1 Cabinet


Legion Furniture

1 Cabinet with 1 open shelf

White and Gray


  • Style: The bathroom vanities are available in different style. Whether you want a traditional, contemporary or modern vanity, there is one for each one of you.
  • Material: Material of the vanity should be of good quality. Solid Plywood, Laminate, Particleboard, and marble are some of the material options. Make sure you choose the one that can handle humidity and moisture.
  • Storage: There are a lot of products kept in the bathroom from bathing to cleaning purposes. So you need to buy a bathroom vanity with drawers or cabinet that has enough space for keeping these products. Always check the number of drawers or cabinets in the vanity.
  • Hardware: Most of the vanities have doors, drawers, and knobs included. But before buying you should check the description that includes all the information. Even if they are not included, you can personalize the vanity by on your own.
  • Cost: Cost is one of the main factors that influence the choice of the bathroom vanity. Before buying the vanity you should check the price. A product may be high in price but with unique design and high quality. So make sure you consider all the factors before buying a product.

Types of Bathroom Vanity

  • Free Standing: It is a combination of pedestal sink and vanity. You just need to place them in your bathroom like home furniture. Most of these vanities are available in rectangular or square look. They are available in a variety of finishing and design.
  • Wall mounted: This type of vanity is the one with the base not touching the floor. These are directly mounted on the wall of your bathroom. Thus, you can clean the surface of the floor easily. You need to be careful while using this type of vanity. Any type of force on the wall may even affect the vanity and it may fall.
  • Vessel: In this type of vanity there is a sink that is placed on the top of the vanity. It gives a fancier look to the bathroom vanity. These are more popular in hotels and restaurants. The sink has its own separate tap.
  • Under-Mounted: Here, a sink is mounted directly inside the vanity. This makes the top of vanity look more flattening. In some of the vanities, you may find a slight riser around the edges. This gives it a modern and special look.


Bathroom Vanity

Are you looking for small bathroom vanities? These types of free-standing vanities take up small space. So they can easily fit your bathroom. This is a beautiful traditional style vanity. You have to choose between the three finishing options. They are gray finish, walnut finish, and white finish. Here only the color of the base changes. The sink is white in color with a capacity of 1.36 gallons.

Runfine vanity measures 24.6 x 19 x 34 in inches. There are 2 doors just below the sink that open up into the cabinet. Soft hinges are used so that the doors open smoothly. At the bottom, there is a drawer with dimensions 17.25 x 12.125 x 3.875 in inches. RunFine bathroom vanity looks just like any other cabinet that you keep in your drawing room for the extra storage needs. There are certain people who want vanities in an open area so that they won’t have to go to the bathroom for washing hands. For those people, this vanity would be a perfect fit. Even if you make the fitting somewhere in the living area it won’t look odd. The different shade variation is already a plus point as you can choose something that goes with the décor. Also, the high-quality handles will ease the opening and closing of the drawers and cabinets.


  • Chrome Knobs
  • Fully Assembled
  • Long Lasting
  • Pre-drilled holes

There are 4 chrome knobs on the vanity. Two knobs on the drawers and one on each door. Chrome knobs are known for their shine and reflective surface. These are going to enhance the look of your vanity.




Faucets are not included so that you get an affordable product

Easy to install

Traditional look

3 Types of Finish


Bathroom Vanity Design

Do you dream of a perfect bath vanity to give an ultimate spa look to your bathroom? This is a single sink vanity that has multiple options for the user to choose from. There are 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, and 60 inch size options. Here, we have described the one with overall width 43 inches. You can buy this bathroom vanity in soft white, black, and gray color.

This is a single sink bathroom vanity. It has 4 doors in the center and 2 drawers at the bottom. Thus, there is a lot of space for storing your bathroom essentials. For fitting the faucets you can use the three pre-drilled holes. The manufacturer has made effort to provide you the vanity of same color as visible in the image.


  • Brushed Nickel
  • Hidden Hinges
  • Style
  • Undermounted

On the cabinet doors and drawers nickel knobs are mounted. These are square in shape and give an amazing look to the vanity.



Multiple size options

Little pricey to offer multiple unique features

Storage space

105 degree hidden hinges



Bathroom Vanity With Mirror

EcLife is a bathroom vanity with vessel sink. The sink on the top is blue in color while the bottom vanity is brown. This unique pattern of the vanity makes you feel like washing at the seaside. There is one upper storage cabinet with 2 ample size drawers. The bathroom vanity is easy to install. You can use the installation manual that comes with the product.

The natural wood texture of the vanity makes the cabinet elegant and modern. Along with the bathroom vanity, you will receive a mirror. This is going to complete the whole set. Dimensions of EcLife are 24 x 22 x32 in inches. The width and height of the sink are 16.5 and 5.2 respectively.


  • Material
  • Tested
  • Tempered Glass
  • Faucet

The vanity is made of MDF. There are several advantages of using this material. They are humidity and corrosion, water-resistant, easy to clean, and environmental protection.



Elegant Look

The sink is mounted at the top that gives it a unique design

Quality tested

Scratch resistant sink

Easy to Install

Tempered glass sink


Bathroom Vanity With Marble Countertop

Kitchen Bath Collection is a bathroom vanity white in color. The height of the vanity is 35 inches. While the width and depth are 48 and 22 inches respectively. Construction of this vanity’s bathroom furniture grade is high-end. It involves the use of 100% solid wood and plywood. Thus, you are going to receive a high-quality product that would last longer.

The complete bathroom vanity is white in color. When it comes to bathroom essentials most of the users prefer white color. It gives a classy and modern look to the bathroom. It has an undermount type of sink. The sink comes pre-installed on the countertop of the vanity.


  • Storage Space
  • Authentic
  • Dovetailed
  • Warranty

This vanity has huge space for storing your bathing products. There are 3 drawers on each side. In the center, there is a door cabinet with a drawer at the bottom. You can open the doors and drawers using the knobs mounted on them. All the doors and drawers use soft-close mechanism.



Soft-close drawers and doors

Pricey due to use of authentic high-quality products

Authentic marble

High-end product

1-year Warranty


Bathroom Sink Vanity

Benton Collection vanity is perfect for your bathroom or powder room. Bathroom vanity size is 24 x 21 x 35 in inches. The metallic silver color of the vanity gives it a unique look. On the top, there is a white marble. There are 3 drawers that are placed vertically one above the other. The top drawer doesn’t function. There is a “U” cut for plumbing. You can place items in the other two drawers that are full and deep,

With 4 legs at the bottom, the vanity is free-standing. You can clean the floor surface easily. This crystal silver finish vanity will look vibrant in any decor. On the porcelain sink, there are three holes for fitting the faucet.There is a full-extension metal glide on the sides of drawers.


  • Counter Top
  • Style
  • Mirror

The crystal white marble counter top has ogee cut on the edges. With under-mounted sink, you get drain extension and P-strap.



Metallic silver finish

Small sink that is good enough to serve its purpose

Porcelain Sink

Metal glides

Beveled mirror


Small Bathroom Vanity

Fine Fixtures is a space saving bathroom vanity. Mostly the vanities are kept in the bathroom. But if you are looking for a vanity to be kept in open space, this one’s perfect. The design and size of the vanity is such that it won’t look odd. You can place it anywhere it would go with the decor.

If you are thinking of buying a bathroom vanity for your house, buy this one. Fine fixtures bathroom vanity size is 16 x 12 inches. This is a unique and modern piece. The ladies of your home are going to love this piece. If you want more storage then buy a vanity table for your bedroom.


  • Luxury
  • Chrome Handles
  • High gloss

Do you want a beautiful vanity at an affordable price?The design of the vanity is luxurious. This would give a high-end look to your bathroom.



Beautifully designed

Suitable for small bathrooms so takes less space

Ideal for small bathrooms

Matte chrome handles


Modern Bathroom Vanity

Is one basin not enough for your bathroom? Do you have a larger space for the installation of vanity? If the answer to all these questions is yes then you are going to love this vanity. Silkroad is one of the unique bathroom vanities. To serve more the vanity has two sinks installed.

Silkroad Exclusive is a traditional bathroom vanity. Talking about the bathroom vanity height, it is 36.5 inch. The depth and width of the vanity are 22 and 72 inches respectively. There is travertine stone on the top with an ivory ceramic sink in the center. You won’t receive faucet along with the vanity. For convenience, the vanity is pre-drilled for the 8-inch widespread faucet.


  • Assembled
  • Ample storage
  • Carvings
  • Antique

After buying a product, nobody likes to spend an extra amount on that item. This product is manufactured by keeping in mind the customer’s requirement. You will get a fully assembled bathroom vanity.



Intricate carvings

High price along with high benefits

Traditional look

Double sink

Antique handles

Large storage space


Bathroom Vanity Set

Water creation is a bathroom vanity with doors. The bathroom cabinet is divided into two shelves. You can store your bathroom necessities on them. This single sink vanity is going to add a level of sophistication to your bathroom. The manufacturer believes in delivering a product that inspires your inner interior designer.

The vanity has a natural stone countertop with ogee edges. It is sealed at the factory to prevent watermarks and staining. A ceramic sink is under mounted in the center. For fitting an 8-inch widespread faucet, the countertop is pre-drilled. Joinery techniques are used to hold the vanity together for a long period of time. The dimensions of this bathroom vanity are 21.5 x 30 x 33.5 in inches.


  • Material
  • Stable
  • Finish
  • High-class

No cheap veneers or particle board are used for the vanity’s construction. Only 100% hardwood is used.



100% hardwood

2 interior shelves with one non-functional drawer

Kiln dried

Multi-step finishing

Innovative design


Best Bathroom Vanity With Sink

Legion Furniture bathroom vanity has two color options. The first one is white and the second is gray. So you can select a bathroom vanity matching the decor of your bathroom. The counter top is made of ceramic. This makes the counter top hard, brittle, and strong in compression. If you are looking for a bathroom vanity at an affordable price, go for this one. Legion Furniture vanity’s dimensions are 24 x 18.8 x 34 in inches. You can fit a 4-inch faucet using the 3 pre-drilled holes on the vanity.


  • Shelf
  • Soft-closure
  • Quality

There are two shelves in this bathroom vanity. One shelf is behind the doors. The other shelf is just below the doors. The second shelf is open. So you can easily view what kind of items you have placed on it.



2 color options

No drawers but the shelves provide enough space for storage

Pre-drilled faucet holes

Soft closing doors

Unique design


We have listed the best bathroom vanities with amazing features. Each bathroom vanity has some unique feature that distinguishes it from the others. For smaller space, you can choose Legion furniture or Fine fixtures. Likewise, for larger space, Silkroad Exclusive is the best. For fulfilling varying requirements of the user, vanities with the different type of sinks are included. You can choose from the vessel, undermount, and other sink types.

Along with bathroom, you can even decorate your bedroom by adding a vanity to it. Buy a vanity set with mirrors that will completely transform your home. In case you want to buy separate items then buy vanity table or other products to complete the set. If you have any query related to the bathroom vanity, you can add a comment in the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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