10 Best Vanity Set With Mirrors 2020

Do you love dressing up? Are you finding it difficult to organize the beauty products at one place? You will get plenty of options in the market that solve your problems individually. Wouldn’t it be better if a single set can solve your multiple problems? Here comes the need of a Vanity set. These sets include mirrors, drawers, and chairs. Thus, you can do your makeup and keep the products organized with a single makeup vanity set.

If you go to the market to buy a mirror or a chair, you might face some problems. For example- If you have to buy a mirror, then finding a chair of the same color would be difficult. Each color itself has different shades. Instead of searching and matching individual items, its better you buy a set. The best part about these sets is their price. Buying a whole vanity set with lights would cost you much less as compared to the individual items.


  • Drawers : The Vanity table has drawers for storing products. You need to check what kinds of drawers are available. Some drawers have handles while some not. The ones without drawers have sliders. There are even shelves in certain tables. Every type of vanity set with drawers will have its own advantages. You need to check what kind of drawers you want on your Vanity table.
  • Color : The first thing that comes to your mind while buying a Vanity set is its color. The color of the product makes a huge impact on its selection. Check the availability of the color for the sets. Buy a set that matches the decor of your room.
  • No. of Mirrors : Vanity set with mirror has a lot of advantages. You won’t have to search for a mirror online. There are Vanity sets with one, two or three mirrors. If you think that a single mirror can do your work then buy the set with one mirror.
  • No. of LED Bulbs : Another important before buying a vanity mirror is the LED bulbs. There are LED bulbs mounted on the mirror. The availability varies from 6 to 14 bulbs and more. If you are buying the vanity mirror for small room, even 6 bulbs will do your work. Based on your requirement, select the one appropriate for you.
  • Price : The price of the set is already reasonable as compared to the individual items. It depends on the size, material, and a lot of other factors. Set a budget for buying the set accordingly select the one best for you.
  • Material : From wooden to metals, the sets are made of different materials. If your whole house has wooden furniture then buying the one with metal wouldn’t be a great choice. Make sure you analyze the decor of the place before buying the Vanity set.


Vanity Set With Table

Bobkona vanity set is available in 5 different colors. The available color options are white silver, walnut, cherry, and black. Each vanity set is denoted by a specific number. For example- The white colored vanity set is F4074. You will get 1 desk and 1 chair along with the set. The top of the stool is round with a lavish plush fabric cover that makes it look amazing.

Are you looking for a vanity set for girls with more mirror options? If yes then you should opt for this set. There are three mirrors with movable extensions. Move the extensions and set different angles. You can do makeup from different angles. Bobkona’s dimensions are 19 x 54 x 43 in inches. The complete set weighs 84 pounds.


  • Drawers
  • Assembly
  • Extensions
  • Multiple colors

With 5 drawers, the set provides space for storing a variety of materials. You can use each drawer for storing different product. With this much space, you can leave the desk empty. Thus, the set will look neat and organized.



Available in 5 colors

You need to assemble the product using the instructions

Movable extensions

Huge storage capacity

Classy look


Vanity Set With Dressing Table

Giantex is one of the most preferred vanity sets for girls. Dimensions of the product are 29.5 x 15.7 x 57 inches. With weight being 39.2 pounds, the set is a light-weight product. The product doesn’t compromise with the quality. When it comes to manufacturing, thick MDF panel and pine wood are used. Pine is a softwood and resistant to decay. You won’t have to buy a new set for a really long time.

The table has 3 drawers. There are 1 big drawer and 2 small drawers. There are vanity sets with more number of drawers. Those vanity sets have drawers of smaller size. If you want to place larger products then you will have to keep them somewhere else. So make sure you check your requirements before buying the vanity set. You get a matching stool along with the set. The stool is cushioned that makes it comfortable to use.


  • Mirror
  • Rotation
  • Quality
  • Durable
  • Knobs on Drawers

The mirror is available in two different shapes. With round and sector shape options you can choose mirror of your choice. Both the mirrorslook stylish and modern.



360-degree rotation

Highly durable so you cannot buy a new one for a long time


High quality

Different shapes of mirror


2 Piece Home Furnishing Vanity Set

Frenchi is vanity set with vanity, bench, and drawer. The product measures 31 x 16 x 51 in inches with weight being 43 pounds. Frechi set is made using solid wood and mirrored glass. The wood gives a sturdy base to the product. With clean lines and tapered legs, the set looks graceful.

Are you looking for a vanity set to enhance the room decor? Do you want a vanity set that has both style and functionality? If yes, Frenchi is the one for you. The vanity has one drawer for storing jewelry and other accessories. For easy and smooth functionality, the drawer has a handle.


  • Mirror
  • Color
  • Cleaning
  • Swivel Mirror
  • Multi-purpose
  • Upholstered Bench

This bench is exceptionally comfortable to rest on.



2 mirror options

The mirror is movable to serve the multi-purpose function

Easy to Clean

Comfortable bench

Sturdy and durable

Handle on drawers


Vanity Set With Table and Stool

Crown Mark is a transitional style vanity set. Thus, the set is a combination of traditional and contemporary style. This set is perfect to fit in any style decor. The table measures 16 x 28 x 50 in inches. With such compact size, you can place the set in any corner of your room. You can buy the set in Espresso or white color.

The vanity set up has one mirror rectangular in shape. Set different angles of the mirror with 360-degree rotation feature. You get a stool along with the set. The dimensions of the stool in inches are 18.25 x 14.25 x 16.75. There is a beige colored cushion on top of the mirror. In case, you want an alternative you can buy the one with marble seat. For storing accessories, there is a drawer in the center of the table.


  • Versatile
  • Drawer
  • Seat
  • Style

One large drawer at the center is enough for storing beauty accessories.



Large drawer

Less no. of mirrors to provide you an affordable product.

Comfortable seat

Versatile set

Perfect size


Roundhill Makeup Vanity Table and Stool Set

Roundhill is a makeup vanity set with oval mirror. The set includes stool, mirror, and table. There are 5 drawers on the table. At the top of the table, there are two drawers with one at each corner. There are three drawers just below it. Thus, you get ample space for storing your beauty products. There is a knob on each drawer so that you can easily pull the drawers. You can even use the smooth tabletop for storing more items.

The oval mirror is adjustable. You can swing the mirror to set a particular position. This makes it more convenient for hairdressing and makeup. The vanity set is stylish and contemporary. The matching stool you get along with the set is padded. You can sit comfortably on the stool while doing your makeup. Product dimensions are 16 x 32 x 53 in inches. The vanity set requires minimum assembly. All the parts required to assemble the set are sent along with the product.


  • Liner
  • Anywhere stool
  • Different colors
  • Adjustable mirror

The stool serves multi-purpose. You can place the stool in hallway or living room. The white color of the stool matches all type of decors.



Velvet Liner

Smaller drawers to provide 5 different storage areas

Multi-purpose stool

Mirror is adjustable

Padded stool


3 Piece Vanity Dresser Table and Stool Set

Are you looking for a unique vanity set for your home? Do want a vanity set without a wooden frame? Here, the eHome vanity table is going to fulfill your needs. This vanity set is made up of metal. The metal material used to manufacture the set makes it stronger. There are heart designs on the mirror frame, table, and stool.

This vanity set is stylish and contemporary. With its all-black look, the set is going to make your room look more beautiful. The table is 30 inches wide while its height is 53 inches. Tabletop of the mirror is made of transparent glass. You can look through the glass to find the products. Dimensions of the stool are 20 x 13 x 20 in inches. This vanity set is surely going to accent your bedroom.


  • Shelf
  • Material
  • Stool
  • Design

The vanity has one shelf for storing the jewelry. You can even use the glass tabletop for storing cosmetics and beauty accessories.



Large shelf

No drawers to provide larger shelf.

Transparent glass

Made of Metal

Comfortable seat

Easy to adjust the mirror


Tri Mirror Vantiy Makeup Table Set

Are you looking for a vanity set with maximum storage capacity? Mecor is one such vanity set that has large storage space. There are 7 drawers on the vanity table. With 2 drawers on the tabletop and 5 below the table, you can store a lot of products. The drawers have a flower carved on the surface to give an elegant look.

The length, width, and height of the table are 35.4, 15.7, and 53.5 respectively. Hardwood and MDF are used in the construction of the Mecor vanity set. The stool has wooden legs to ensure complete support to the person who sits on it. The high-quality cushion is used to give a comfortable feeling to the user. This stool is going to perfectly match with the decor of all your home areas.


  • Folding mirror
  • Detachable
  • Partial Installation
  • Design

There are 3 oval mirrors included in the vanity set. Two mirrors on the side are foldable. You can fold them up to 180 degrees. These are going to help you view your hair and face from multiple angles.



Tri-folding mirror

The set is large in size to provide more storage space.

Top detachable

Beautiful design

Easy to install


Vanity Table Set With Round Mirror

The Songmics round mirror set has an elegant appearance. The design will match many décor designs and colors. The mirror is round in shape. Along with modern look, you get a set of solid construction. Use of superior quality MDF and solid wood makes it durable.

Two large drawers are pre-assembled on the table. Once you get the product, you just need to add the mirror and legs. This charming vanity is an ideal gift for your daughter, wife, and daughter on special occasions. They are surely going to love the set.


  • Fire retardant
  • Slide Trail
  • Removable cover
  • Rubber pads
  • Stability

The sponge used on the top of the stool is safe to use. Its fire retardant feature doesn’t cause open flames.



Anti-slip rubber pads

No color options as white matches all the designs

Removable stool cover

Easy to assemble

Large drawers

Lovely appearance


Contemporary Vanity Table Set

Coaster contemporary set is simple and sleek. Even with simple looks, the set is highly functional. There are certain vanity sets that are extremely fashionable. But those sets lack in space as their concentration is only on the outer looks. Here, the Coaster vanity focuses on both fashion and practicality.

A large mirror is installed on the top of the table. There is one large drawer with small compartments. This mirror is going to give you ultimate organization experience. You can store multiple products in separate sections in a single drawer. Available in two colors i.e. Cappuccino and White. Assembled height, width, and length of the product are 10, 22, and 35 inches respectively.


  • Hidden Shelves
  • Lift-top
  • Practical design

You will have to slide the mirror to open the hidden storage area. There are shelves and hooks inside it. You can keep expensive and delicate products out of reach of children using this space.



Lift-top seat

A simple look with large storage capacity

Sleek design

Contemporary look

Hidden storage space


Vanity Dressing Table Set

The Merax set includes a stool, tri-fold mirror, and vanity table. The overall dimensions of the product are 39 x 21.7 x 56.7 in inches. For the construction of this vanity set solid wood is used. The fold-out mirrors on the top have extensions. These mirrors have the ability to catch right angles.

The vanity set is available in black and white color. With no variation in price, you can choose any color. This set is going to provide you a comfortable space for makeup. Merax vanity table and stool would make a great addition to your bedroom.


  • Tabletop
  • Drawers
  • Multi-purpose
  • Price

The tabletop is wide enough to offer space for cosmetics and other beauty supplies.



Wide tabletop

There are only two color options with the same price

5 drawers

Serves Multi-purpose

3 large mirrors


The list above has some of the perfect vanity set for girls. The sets include mirror, table, and stool. Instead of buying these single pieces, its better you invest in a whole set. There are multiple options available. For huge storage space, there are sets with 5 to 7 drawers. Similarly, if you want more mirrors, there are sets with 3 mirrors. We have shortlisted these vanity set with mirrors after doing a lot of research on their features. Instead of adding the same style of vanity sets we have included a variety of them. It is always a task to select a vanity set for your home or salon. You get thousands of option online. Thus, the top rated vanity set with mirrors is going to reduce your time of scrolling through various online pages. Also, the variety is not limited to the style of sets. These sets also come in different color range. You will find the set that perfectly matches the décor of the corner you are planning to place the mirror in. These unique vanity sets are going to enhance the look of your room.

You need to check your requirements, before placing an order for the one. There are some amazing sets that are going to match all kind of decors. Even if you shift from one place to another, you can still use them. With affordable price range, the sets offer great look and functionality. You can also check vanity set with lighted mirror for more functionality. Place the order now and you are never going to regret buying them. For people who are curious to know more about these sets can contact us. We are here to answer all your queries in every possible way we can. You just have to add one or two details and then you can leave your comments.

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