10 Best Tri Fold Mirrors For Vanities 2020

Sometimes all you need is a large mirror for dressing up. In these mirrors, you can view yourself from different angles. Tri-Fold mirrors are one such variety of mirrors that every woman would want. These mirrors have one large mirror in the center. The other two mirrors are added as extensions on both the sides. You can move the tri fold mirror vanity and set different angles.

While applying makeup you need to view your face from different angles. For example- For contouring your face, you need to view the section near your ear. It involves applying the product from upwards to downwards. Now, in a regular mirror, this would be a bit difficult. Use the tri fold mirror with lights to apply eyeliner, mascara, falsies, blush, and much more. Buy the tri-fold mirror now and apply any makeup product easily.

10 Best Tri-Fold Mirrors




Hamilton Hills Mirror

Handcrafted, Pre-drilled holes, quality inspection


Jerdon Lighted Mirror

Sleek design, fluorescent lighting, magnification



Natural Lighting, Four mirrors in one

Black and White


LEDs, two charging options, 180-degree rotation

White and Black

Howard Elliott

Mirrored look with versatile features



Dimmable LEDs, Vertical and horizontal rotation


BestopePink Mirror with Lights

UV coating, swivel joint

Black, Pink, and White

Tri-Fold Illuminated Mirror

High quality, precisely magnified


Richen DeWeisn

Premium quality, base recess

Gold, Rose Gold, and White

Aiskki Lighted Mirror

Magnification, 180-degree rotation, removable mirror

Rose Gold and White

Important Features That Must Be Checked Before Buying Tri-Fold Mirror

  • Size: The size of the tri-fold mirror is one of the first things you should check before buying. There are large tri-fold mirrors that would take up a lot of space. If you have a large room these ones are best for you.Travel size tri-fold mirrors are also available. You can carry them while traveling and apply makeup comfortably.
  • Magnification: Tri-fold mirrors have sections for showing the larger view of your face. The magnification varies from 1X to 10X. You can view even fine facial details on these mirrors. According to your requirement, you need to choose the best one for you.
  • Rotation: There are tri-fold mirrors with rotation feature. These mirrors support 180 degrees to the 360-degree rotation. Thus, you can rotate the mirror in the direction you are more comfortable in.
  • Type of Mirror: Before buying a tri fold mirror for vanity, you must always check its type. There are mirrors with the base so that you can place them on the table. Another variety of mirrors include the wall-mounted ones. You can hang them on a wall. Both of these mirrors serve different functions.
  • Color Availability: The color of the mirror should match the décor of the room. There are a variety of color options available that include rose gold, white, and black. If you want to buy a mirror that goes with any room then buy the white one.


Trifold Vanity Mirror

The Hamilton Hills Mirror is a handcrafted mirror. Two different sizes are available. You can buy the one with dimensions 21 x 30 or 28 x 40. Both the dimensions are in inches. The company uses premium quality materials for manufacturing these mirrors. These mirrors pass a rigorous 8 point inspection before supplying to the customers.

The elegant and sophisticated design of the mirror is constructed with modern principles. This timeless classic is suitable for any room. You can keep them in areas like the bathroom, dining area, and console table. The back of the tri fold mirror is constructed using solid core wood. This material gives stability to the mirror. With 3 generations experience in manufacturing mirrors, the company stands by the quality of the product. 

This Hamilton Hills mirror is of premium quality so you can totally trust it. You will be able to use it for really long as quality materials seem to be durable. Another benefit of this mirror is that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You will feel fully satisfied when you will buy this mirror. All you have to do is place order for it and if you do not like it then return it. This won’t be the case as the product is really good and the manufacturer has full faith in the product that’s the guarantee option is given to you.


  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Safe to Install
  • Easy to Install
  • Quality
  • Mirror

The back of the mirror is made using the wooden material. There are holes on the backside so that you can hang the tri fold mirror wall mount.



Pre-made holes

Large size to provide you a better view of yourself.

Easy to install

Safe to use

Quality tested

Clear mirror

2. Jerdon Lighted Mirror

Trifold Vanity Mirror With Magnification

Are you looking for a sleek tri-fold mirror? If yes then Jerdon is just perfect for you. This sleek mirror is perfect for your bathrooms and bedrooms. Jerdon is one of the reputed brands known for excellence in the beauty industry. Thus, you are going to get a quality product. Talking about the mirror, it has a center mirror that swivels from 1x to 5x magnification. This makes sure your makeup and hair are always in place. The two mirrors on the side give you a panoramic view. There is a stand on the back that helps in perfectly placing the mirror on the table.

The dimensions of the mirror are 13.8 x 3.75 x 12.25 in inches. With such compact size, you can easily store the mirror at any place. The mirror weighs only 3.99 pounds. Thistype of small tri fold mirror can be carried while traveling too. The contemporary and attractive look of the mirror is going to match any décor. You get a 1-year guarantee for the defects that may be caused due to materialistic faults.


  • Electrical Outlet
  • Magnification
  • Illumination Settings

There is fluorescent lighting on both the sides of the central mirror. At the bottom of the tri fold mirror with lights, you will find a switch. Just slide the switch to change the lighting. The four setting options are daytime, home, evening, and office.



Built-in Electrical outlet

Small in size so that you can carry the mirror while traveling

Lighting settings

Glare-free lighting

Magnifying Mirror

Attractive Finish


Trifold Makeup Mirror

Makartt is a professional vanity mirror. This tri-fold mirror is available in two colors i.e. black and white. The mirror is attached to the base. This helps in saving space and keeping the vanity table tidy and clean. The central mirror is surrounded by built-in LEB bulbs. Thus, the lighting is spread evenly on your face. With Makartt mirror, you can apply makeup in poorly lit and dark areas.

The mirror can be rotated 90 degrees up and down. With 360-degree surround rotation, you can easily set the mirror at perfect angles. There is a touch sensor button on the mirror. Touch the button to turn the lights on and off. If you feel the brightness level is not perfect, long press the button. If you are looking for a large lighted mirror, this mirror is just perfect for you.


  • 4 Mirrors
  • Power
  • LED bulbs

There are four panels on the mirror. Each panel has a mirror with different magnification. The magnifications offered by the mirrors are 1X, 3X, 5X, and 10X.Use a different mirror for different makeup needs.



LED bulbs

You cannot mount the mirror on the wall

USB charging

4 Magnified mirrors

Touch sensor button


Vanity Trifold Makeup Mirror

Do you want a tri-fold mirror with multiple panels? DUcare mirror has 4 different panels to support different type of views. The central mirror has the magnification up to 1X. The mirror on the left side is divided into 2 sections. With the upper half supporting 2X view and the lower half 3X view. There is a small circular mirror mounted on the rectangular mirror on the right side. This mirror will magnify your reflection upto 10X.

DUcare mirror is a perfect gift for ladies and girls. With this mirror, a lot of makeup issues will be resolved for them. For example- If you perfectly shape your eyebrows they enhance your look. A slight mistake in eyebrows clearly shows up on your face. With different magnification options, you can perfectly shape them.


  • LED Lights
  • Power
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Base storage
  • Quick Installation

DUcare is a lighted mirror. There are inbuilt 21 LED lights that surround the central mirror. These are especially useful in dark or poorly lit areas. For switching on the lights, you can use the power button on the back and sensor button.



21 LED lights

Only 180-degree rotation option to offer the perfect setting for makeup

Double power

Base recess

Touch sensor

4 Mirror panels


Trifold Vanity Mirror Howard

Howard Elliott is a hinged mirror. With two door mirrors, there is a rectangular mirror in the center. There is a mirrored border around each section of the mirror. To add more style and beauty, small bevel sections are added to the border. With style, the manufacturer also focuses on the materials used to construct the mirror. Use of high-end materials differentiates the mirror from the competitors.

The product dimensions are 1x31x21 in inches. Howard Elliott weighs 19.5 pounds while its shipping weight is 23.2 pounds. This mirror has been redefining the home furnishing industry. The mirror is surely going to give an exceptional finish to the room.


  • Mirrored
  • Versatile
  • High-Style Design

The mirrored look of the mirror is unique. This lovely hinged mirror is sure to enhance the décor of your room.



Mirrored look

A simple look to fit any decor

High quality

Trimmed borders

Exceptional product


Trifold Makeup Mirror Hollywood Style

Are you looking for the largest tri-fold vanity mirror? Mirrorvana provides the best features and functions at an affordable price. This extra-large mirror is going to perfectly satisfy your needs. Unique crystal clear glass perfectly reflects your face without distortion. Unlike other mirrors, Mirrorvana won’t distort over time. Use of finest materials makes the mirror last long.

There is a large central mirror with two mirrors on both the sides. One of the sides of the mirror has 3 different circular mirrors. Each circular mirror offers different magnification to the viewer. You can see your face in 1X, 3X, 5X, and 10X view. If you look good your confidence boosts and its result is reflected in your life. It’s worth it to invest in this sophisticated yet simple mirror.


  • Dimmable LEDs
  • Base
  • Design
  • Adjustable

There are 11 small circular LEDs on each side of the central mirror. Adjust the dimmable lights according to your need. Use the sensor button on the mirror to change the brightness.



Sleek design

An Incredibly huge mirror cannot be carried while travelling

4 mirrors in one

22 LEDs

Large size

2X adjustability


Makeup Vanity Trifold Mirror With Led Lights

Bestope is a high-quality makeup vanity mirror. The tri-fold mirror has 3 different panels. Mirrors on the side offer different magnification. There are two circular mirrors on one of the side. These mirrors reflect your face with 2X and 3X magnification. Thus, you can take care of every detail while doing makeup.Rotate the mirror up to 180 degrees to set a perfect viewing angle.

There are two different options for operating the mirror. Either use batteries or USB cable to use the mirror. LED lights surround the central on all four sides. With 21 LEDs you can even do makeup in dark areas. The touch sensor switch helps in perfectly setting the LED brightness. If you want to store cosmetics, you can use the base recess area. You can even buy the mirror in black and white color. There is another category of Bestope mirror that offers more magnification options.


  • Stable Stand
  • Swivel Joint
  • Premium Quality

The stand of the mirror remains stable for all angle settings. Thus, you won’t have to worry about damage caused due to the instability of the mirrors.



UV coating

Limited rotation to offer other advanced features

3-panel magnification

21 LEDs

Base storage area


Trifold Vanity Makeup Mirror With LED

Your search for a high-quality tri-fold mirror going to come to an end. As the tri-fold illuminated mirror is going to perfectly fit your requirements. The mirror displays a clean and bright reflection of you whenever you need. High-quality ABS and glass mirror are used for constructing the mirror. Use USB cable to charge the mirror.

The mirror on the left side has two partitions. These partitions offer different magnifications. In order to look pleasantly into the mirror maintain a distance of 15 cm. The more close you are the more clearer the reflection will be. Folded size of the mirror is 6.69x9.45 while the unfolded mirror is 13.38x9.45 in inches. To switch on the light, use the switch on the back. Long press the touch button on the mirror to change brightness.


  • High-quality
  • Multi-purpose
  • Precise magnification
  • Lighting

Materials used for manufacturing the mirror are of high-quality. ABS provides protection to mirror against condensation and moisture.



Protection against moisture

The switch is on the back so that children do not misuse it

Natural lighting

Used in hotels and spas


Trifold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Richen DeWeisn is a standing tri fold mirror. You can buy the mirror in gold, rose gold or white color. Gold and rose gold colored mirrors are hard to find. This adds to the uniqueness of this product. The brightness of the 21 piece LEDs is easy to adjust.

The central mirror works like a regular mirror. Two mirrors on the side have a magnifying effect. Mirror on the right side offers 2-way magnifications. The upper half and lower half offer 2X and 3X magnification respectively. For 1X magnification use the mirror on the left side.


  • Convenient
  • Base
  • Perfect
  • Material

You can carry the mirror to pubs or car or anywhere else. The mirror will help you do makeup wherever you go.



Scratch resistant

With color, the price and features vary

Convenient to use

Base with recess

3 color options


Lighted Makeup Mirror Trifold

Aiskki tri-fold mirror vanity has 22 LED lights mounted on its surface. These LEDs surround the central mirror on all four sides. The LEDs simulate natural sunlight so that user gets brightest and color-correct view. To switch ON use the touch sensors switch and long press to dim them. The package includes makeup mirror, round mirror, base, USB cable and user manual. The tri-fold design of the mirror makes it easy to carry. Just fold the mirror to protect it from dust and scratch.

For magnification, you can use the different sections of mirror. You get 1X, 2X, 3X, and 10X magnification options with the mirror.The perfectly wide angles of mirror help in applying eyeliner, grooming brows and blackhead removal. When it comes to the quality, high-quality ABS and mirror glass are used.


  • Removable Mirror
  • Touch Control
  • Easy to Carry

You get a 10X removable mirror with the package. The mirror is round in shape and you can mount it anywhere on the mirror.



Touch screen button

You can store only limited products in the base tray

22 LEDs

Color-correct view

Carry anywhere

Protection against scratch


Tri-fold mirrors are one of the best vanity mirrors. You can view yourself in a much larger view with these mirrors. Some tri-fold mirrors have inbuilt LEDs that offer perfect lighting for makeup. You can rotate the mirror and set different angles. If you buy the mirror with magnification, you can take care of even minute details of makeup. The article explains all the features in detail. The selection of mirrors totally depends on your requirements. In case of any query add comments to the comment box.

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