Top 10 Vanity Table Reviews

Do you have a huge collection of makeup? Is it difficult for you to organize the cosmetic items? When you get ready for an event, you need a lot of products. Makeup products like eyeliner, lipsticks, and blush are small in size. Even if you have a makeup pouch you will have to struggle to find an item. So it is better you buy a makeup vanity table. Makeup and accessories have become an essential part of every women’s life. In the morning even if you want to go to the office most you won’t step out without basic makeup. Now, every day you cannot look the same. There has to be some change in your look. For even the slightest change you will need a different product. In this way unintentionally you end up buying a whole lot of products that are difficult to organize.

If you are going to buy a vanity table then the task would be much simpler for you. You can sort out your items into different categories and place them in the vanity table. These tables have space for keeping a lot of items. For example, you can divide one section for the products that you need on a daily basis. You can also divide them on the basis of makeup and accessories. There are multiple ways by which you will be able to organize your beauty and makeup products in the table. All you have to do is spend once and then get rid of those early morning hassles.

There are different types of vanity tables available. You need to check the color, size, and other features before buying them. You need to check the color, size, and other features before buying them. Buy the vanity table with drawers for extra storage space. We have researched and listed best vanity tables for you.

10 Best Vanity Table 2018




Ameriwood Home Parsons

Multi Color

One drawer

Southern Enterprises Mirage


Two drawers

Nathan Home

Multi Color

Two shelves



Two drawers


Transparent Glass

One large shelf

International Concepts

Unfinished Wooden Look

Two drawers with 6 compartments

Coaster Home Furnishings

Metallic Platinum

Seven drawers

Facilehome Dressing Vanity Table


Two sliding drawers with one large compartment

Hives and Honey

Crisp White

Two drawers and two compartments

Little Seeds Monarch Hill

White/Gray and White/Pink

Four drawers

Points to Remember Before Buying a Vanity Table

  • Material : Material is one of the first factors that need to be checked. Vanity tables are made of wooden, glass, and other types of materials. Each material is going to give a different finish to the table.
  • Quality : Even after checking the material, quality needs to be checked. Some manufacturers use materials of poor quality. The table would look good but won’t last you long. So make sure you buy a product of high-quality materials.
  • Framed or Frameless : There are different types of mirrors available in the market. Framed or Frameless you can buy both types of mirrors. The difference is in the look and feel of the mirrors. Some users find framed ones visually pleasing while some not. Depends on what type of mirror you want to buy.
  • Legs : Vanity table’s legs come in different design. There are tables with and without support in between the legs. The sturdiness of these tables depends on the support from the legs.
  • Dimensions : Dimensions of the table give you an idea of its size. If you have less space in your room then order a small vanity table.
  • Drawers : Drawers in the table provide space for keeping products. Number of drawers in the table varies according to the product.
  • Compartments : Some vanity tables are available in the open format. You can store items in these compartments. The products are visible to you so you easily access them.


Vanity Table With Drawer

Are you looking for atable with an elegant look? The Ameriwood Home is a simple vanity table. You can choose a color from the multiple color options. The table is available in white, black, Espresso, and other 8 colors. If you do not like tables with the single color, there is an option for you too. There some tables with contrast color of drawers. You just have to go through these colors and choose one for you.

Dimensions of the table are 19.7x39x30 in inches. You can simply assemble the table with the help of one person. The drawer in the middle of the table can hold your office supplies and cosmetics. The desk’s top is completely plain. Use the space to keep larger items. Don’t let your home and workspaces suffer by not buying such a product.


  • Material
  • High-end look
  • Elegant lines

There are some vanity tables with uneven lines. This unevenness spoils the complete look of the table. But Ameriwood Parsons has clean lines. These lines are signature of the table and give it a fantastic look.



Built to last long

Minimal look of vanity table that goes with multiple decors

High-end finish

Clean lines

Minimal look


Vanity Table With Mirrors

Southern Enterprises Mirage is a mirrored vanity table. The mirrored look makes it adaptable to any surrounding without overpowering. With its unique presence, the table is sure to catch your eye. The overall dimensions of the vanity table are 39.5x17.75x28.5 in inches. Size of the table is perfect for both your living room and bedroom.

There are two drawers in the table. Measurements of each drawer are 13.25 inches deep and 14.5 inches wide. Talking about the height, its 5 inches. The drawers are large enough to store a lot of items. With the knob in the front, you can easily open or close the drawers. Southern Enterprises table is made using MDF and mirror.


  • Finishing
  • Storage
  • Crystal knobs
  • Shimmery top

Silver matte finishing is given to the table. Combine the table with a reflective mirror to give it an effortless glam style look.



Silver matte finishing

Little pricey to give a charming furniture piece

Storage space

Faux crystal knobs

Shimmering mirror top


Makeup Vanity Table

Are you looking for a vanity table for small spaces? The Nathan Home white vanity table is going to perfectly fit your requirements. This modern table has a wooden finish. Nathan Home table has two large compartments in the front. You can store cosmetics products, laptop, and books to anything in them. The base has the capacity of holding materials with 120 pounds weight.

Not only for makeup, use the table for office reception too. The legs of the vanity table are cross each other. This gives an elegantly different look to the table. By using the instruction manual you can assemble the product easily. With all tools included, the table will be ready to use in no time.


  • Multi-Purpose
  • Protectors
  • Easy Assembly
  • Sturdy

The design and look of the table make it multi-purpose. You can use the vanity table as school study desk, work desk or gaming.



Serves Multi-Purpose

Compartments are open that makes it easy to find an item

No scratched floors

15-minute assembly

Built to last long

Sturdy base

No furniture experience required


Vanity Table Mirrored Console

Are you looking for a modern vanity table? Do you want to give a stylish touch to your home? Powell vanity table is going to be the perfect addition to your home. The vanity table weighs around 65 pounds. Use of silver wood for construction of this vanity table makes it stylish. The mirrored design adds to the stylish feature of the table.

There are two large drawers in the front. You can store most of your household items in them. Cosmetic shopping never ends for a woman. Everyday new products are launched in the market. So it is better you buy a vanity table with storage space. Even the legs of the table are different. Instead of the straight cut, a little angle is given to them.


  • Stylish
  • Perfect
  • Drawers

The design of the table is modern and stylish. It’s different from the regular vanity table’s you get in the market.



Stylish look

Cost of the table is high so that you get a modern and stylish product

Mirrored table

Drawers with knobs



Vanity Table Glass and Wood

Bonvivo is a glass vanity table. The top of the table is made of glass. Underneath the glass, there is a shelf for keeping makeup and other stuff. These materials are easy to be taken care of. You can bring style to your room by buying this vanity table. Legs of the table are made of wooden material. Use of bamboo for constructing the legs makes the table sturdy.

While designing the functioning of the table is also kept in mind. Thus the table can function as a computer table, vanity table or student’s writing desk. Height, width, and depth of the table are 29.5, 43.3, and 21.6 respectively. In case, you want a table smaller in size, check the other size option available.


  • Quality
  • Look
  • Instructions
  • Deep storage

If you are thinking use of the glass makes the table top weak then it’s not. Glass used to manufacture the table is robust and shatter-resistant.



Shatter-resistant glass

You will have to assemble the product using the assembly instructions

Fashionable look

Deep shelf storage

Unique design


Vanity Table With International Concepts

Are you looking for unfinished vanity furniture? Do you want to give a personal touch to your vanity table? International concepts vanity table is available in unfinished form. You can customize the table and give a personal touch to it. The vanity table’s height, length, and width are 31.5, 40.2, and 17.1 respectively. You get the top section already assembled. Just fit the legs and your table is ready.

There are two drawers one at each corner of the table. Euro glides are used so that the drawers open smoothly. Use the knobs to open the drawers. In the center of the table, there are 6 storage compartments. You can use each compartment to store a different item. Measurement of each compartment is 4.7 x 4.3 x 1.6 in inches. Use of Parawood makes the table resistant to fire and burns.


  • Mirror
  • Extra space
  • Unfinished
  • Ready to assemble

With the mirror, the table acts as a complete vanity set. Flip-flop mirror is mounted in the center of the table. When you don’t want to use the mirror, pull the mirror down. When the mirror is not open, you can use the table as a desk.



Flip-flop mirror

Unfinished look so that you can give a personal touch to the table

6 compartments

Solid parawood



Coaster Home Vanity Table

This makeup vanity table is bling game collection by Coaster home furnishings. The color of the table is metallic. Metallic colored table match any décor. Thus, you won’t have to waste time on searching a matching table. This piece of the table is 30 inches in height. While the width and depth of the table are 51.5 and 17 inches respectively. You get the table in the assembled form. Just the 8 stacked bun feet need to be fixed on the bottom.

Coaster home furnishings table has a metallic platinum finish. There 7 different drawers in the table that open in front. The drawers on the top have a round knob for opening them. While the drawers at the bottom have silver ring pulls. The central drawer is curved towards inside that enhances its glamorous look. This is a perfect girls vanity table. If you gift this vanity table to your daughter or wife they are going to love it.


  • Metallic
  • Large storage
  • Felt-lined
  • Tray

Use of metallic fabric and platinum finish makes the table glamorous. To highlight the finishing even further glaze is applied by hands.



Felt lined drawers

· Less space on the top as drawers provide large space for storing products

Jewelry storage tray

Metallic finish

Large storage space

Silver ring pulls


Dressing Vanity Table

Facilehome is a vanity desk that looks simple but the features are advanced. You can buy the table in white color only. Dimensions of the vanity table are 23.6 x 19.7 x 29.5 in inches. These dimensions are measured in floor standing state. Dimensions of the cabinet are 23.6 x 19.7 x 5.9 in inches. All these dimensions give you a perfect idea of the space taken by the table.

The Facilehome vanity table is made of MDF wood. To the support the top, 4 wooden legs are used. Use of solid wood makes the table stable and strong. There are two drawers in the table. One is on the top while the other is in the front. Both the drawers can be opened using the circular in the center. Thus you get a lot of space to keep your cosmetic products


  • Unique Design
  • Glass Mirror
  • Space

The four real wood legs make the design of the table unique. There is a tilt in the angle of legs. Thus making the table roomier. You can use the table as corner vanity table too.



Large compartment

The mirror is inside the table that keeps it clean and safe

Design is unique

3 storage spaces



Vanity Desk

Hives and Honey is a vanity dressing table. There are two drawers in the front. There is one drawer on each side of the table. Use the handles on the front to open the drawers. The top of the table is plain so you can use the complete space. The table looks stylish with the crisp white finish.

Hives and Honey gives a product with thoughtful design. Dimensions of the Ainsley desk are 48 x 20 x 30 in inches. This is a generous size that would fit in most of the spaces. For storing beauty or writing material, use the drawers.


  • Pop-Up Mirror
  • Power Outlet
  • Internal Compartments

For doing makeup you won’t have to buy a mirror. Pull the central section of the table upwards. With the support of hinges, the mirror will open smoothly. Once you are done, pull the mirror down. This would keep the mirror safe inside.



Beveled Mirror

You need to pull the mirror to use the 2 compartments

White finish

Chrome hardware

Lasting in quality


Vantiy Table With Extra Drawer

Little seeds monarch dressing table is a poppy desk with an updated look. This vanity table offers 7 different style options. Here, we have explained the table with white and pink color combination. The table has 6 legs. At the bottom, there are 6 legs that give complete support to the table. There are two drawers on the top while 2 on the right-bottom section. You can easily clean the table at home.


  • Non-toxic
  • Drawers
  • Knobs

There are vanity tables that affect the user’s health due to toxic chemicals. But the materials used to manufacture the Little Seeds table are non-toxic.



Easy to clean

Drawers are at the bottom to provide an updated look

Different sized drawers

2 sets of knobs

Contrasting color combination


Here, we have listed the vanity tables with unique features. They are available in different colors and sizes. Thus, it would be easy for you to pick a vanity table for your room. For the ones without a mirror, you can buy a vanity mirror with lights. These mirrors provide with that extra lighting needed for applying makeup. Buy the vanity table and enhance your room’s décor. We truly believe that investing in a good vanity table is really important. It is one place where you will have to keep all the important stuff like make up, brushes, and other beauty accessories, If the vanity table is small then you will have to invest in other items for storage. So its better you buy a vanity table with storage space for ease in managing your stuff. In case, you are still wondering about whether or not to buy one or there is any other query then you can contact us. Just leave your comments and we will get back to you.

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