Mirrors are an essential part of every home, office, and multiple other places. The time we get up the first thing we look at is a mirror. If not in the bedroom then in the bathroom but yes we do look at ourselves in the morning. People love to check in the mirror how they are looking. If we talk about history then earlier only royal or rich people used to own a mirror. It was believed that only they have the right to appreciate themselves and gaze at their reflection. They reflect what people see when they look at us. Using a mirror is also some people’s weakness. Some people are conscious about what other people think of them so they always carry a handy mirror with them.

There are different types of mirrors available in the market. These include the LED makeup mirrors, round mirrors, magnifying mirrors and more. Based on the requirement people tend to choose a certain type of mirror. Here, we will give you an insight of mirrors with the magnifying mirror reviews. These will act as a guide so that you choose the best mirror for your home or any other place. If you love dressing up or doing makeup then magnification mirrors could be the one you are looking for. These are going to enlarge the part you are looking at like your eyes so that you can apply eyeshadow or eyeliner perfectly.

ImageProductNumber of lightsPrice
Feita Magnifying MirrorFeita magnifying mirror28Check Price on Amazon
Mirrormore Magnifying MirrorMIRRORMORE Vanity26Check Price on Amazon
Amnoamno magnifying mirrorAMNOAMNO LED Makeup Mirror24Check Price on Amazon
Mirrorvana Magnifying MirrorMIRRORVANA Extra Large Makeup MirrorNoneCheck Price on Amazon
Queen Magnifying MirrorQUEEN Rose Gold Lighted Mirror21Check Price on Amazon
AirExpect Magnifying MirrorAIREXPECT Portable Lighted Up Mirror72Check Price on Amazon
Gurun Magnifying MirrorGURUN Wall Mounted MirrorNoneCheck Price on Amazon
Micropure Magnifying MirrorMIROPURE Oval-Shaped Vanity Mirror16Check Price on Amazon
Jiben Magnifying MirrorJIBEN Portable Magnifying Mirror1Check Price on Amazon

Once you plan to buy something that has a variety of options then it creates confusion. If you are going to type magnifying mirror there are going to be tons of options available for you. You will keep on scrolling and reading their description but in the end, you will even forget what you read about a product. Going to the list directly will ease the selection of mirror but you can even read this section to know about them.

  • Size:The magnifying mirrors are available in different size options. There are ones that can be fitted on the walls and take up a lot of space. Other types are one that is kept on the vanity table. In maximum cases, you will find the countertop one as magnification is mainly required for doing makeup. For makeup, you need to only look at your face so they serve better. For people who want to get an idea of their complete look can buy the large ones.
  • Shape: Magnifying mirrors are available in a mostly round and square shape. People tend to like the round ones as they look different. These are designed with the aim to mainly focus on the face as it is more like the shape of our face.
  • Magnification: The main reason for buying this mirror is its magnification ability. It depends on you how detailed you want your look. The level may vary from 2X to 20X. Make magnification quality is also good. If you are going to buy the mirror with 20X magnification but the reflection is distorted then it will be of no use. The product listed in the article is of good quality so this won’t be a problem for you.
  • Lighting: If you are going to place the magnifying mirror at a place where there isn’t perfect lighting then this feature is important. The mirrors come with lighting in the frame area. These could be in the form of a single strip or multiple LED bulbs. These may require a power supply for operation or could be battery operated. So you can select either lighted magnifying mirror or unlighted one.
  • Type: These are available in different types like wall mounted magnifying mirrors or countertop one. For this, you must consider the place you are going to use the mirror at. If you already have a dressing table then buy the countertop one. In case, you are planning to change the interior of your house then the wall mounted would be a thoughtful option.
  • Price: The magnifying mirrors will fall in everyone’s budget. The range includes the mirrors from low to high range. If the product is of high range then its features are the reason for their inclusion. Even if you can invest in a high-end product that has more advanced features then you should definitely invest in one.

1. FEITA Chrome Polished Makeup Mirror

Feita is the magnifying mirror that is double-sided. It means you can use the mirror from either side. It looks quite elegant. You might have seen such mirrors in old classics where the actress used to get ready by using a mirror on the table. It will revive those moments in your mind. Once you will buy this mirror people are definitely going to appreciate your choice. That’s why we have added this mirror at the top position in the list.

Feita Magnifying Mirror


  • The mirror is available in two options. So you will get to choose from 5X and 10X magnifying mirrors. Both the magnifications are perfect for doing makeup. For that extra perfection in makeup application, you can choose the 10X one.
  • This vanity mirror comes with 28 led bulbs. So they will produce just as natural light as you see throughout the day. Its natural lighting will reflect the true colors while you will do makeup.
  • You can adjust the brightness level of LEDs. If you will touch the switch at the bottom then the lights will turn on. For changing the brightness you will have to long-press the switch.
  • It is designed in such a way that you can rotate the mirror up to 360 degrees. It ensures that all the angles are covered and you get that glorious look.
  • The base and top can be separated so you can call it a travel magnifying mirror too.
  • It will be a great idea to gift this mirror to your daughter, mother or any other woman in your life. This is a really helpful makeup mirror and they will be impressed by your choice.
      • True viewing
      • High-definition
      • Energy-efficient LEDs
      • Adjustable brightness
      • Elegant look
      • Corded or Cordless usage
      • Little pricey due to its quality

      2. MIRRORMORE Vanity LED Mirror

      Are you a woman who loves doing makeup? If yes then is your interest-only limited to the products you use or there is more to it. By more, we mean the mirror you use. The key to flawless makeup is not only the best makeup products. Even if you know how to create a winged liner it is not possible without a perfect mirror. Eyes are small so you need that magnifying mirror that will help you do your eye makeup with perfection. It will be easy for you to organize your travel bag even after keeping it.


      • The Mirrormore makeup mirror is available in two options. The variation is in lighting. One mirror comes with natural light and the other one is dimmable. There will be an increase in price if you are going to choose the dimmable one.
      • For the one with adjustability, you will have to press the spin button on the base to adjust the brightness. From darker to brighter you can make all sort of settings in the light. Just select the brightness level you may need under different conditions.
      • This mirror will produce natural soft light. There are 26 LED bulbs that are energy-efficient. Thus, you will get authentic soft light while you do your makeup. Your look will appear in true color whether you look at yourself in the early morning or late at night.
      • You can remove the stand part of the magnifying mirror so that it is easy for you to carry it anywhere. For more comfort, while you get ready there is 360-degree rotation feature available. So you can spin the mirror and adjust it at the best angle.
      • You can use it in both corded and cordless form. For cordless usage, you can use 4AAA batteries. If you want to use the mirror while you are on the go then battery powered mirror would be a great option.
          • Double-sided
          • Effortless rotation
          • Easy to use
          • Halo lighting
          • Perfect gift
          • Eco-friendly Energy efficient
          • It cannot be wall-mounted

          3. AMNOAMNO LED Makeup Mirror

          AmnoAmno is a LED makeup mirror that will look perfect kept at any corner of your house. These types of mirror do not spoil the look of the décor even if kept in the drawing room. They act as a classic showpiece. That’s why it will be a great investment to buy this mirror.


          • If you looking for a mirror that will showcase each and every detail of your face then AmnoAmno would be a great buy. The mirror comes with magnification that ranges from 1X to 10X. So you can look at complete or a specific part in this mirror.
          • There are two wide-angle viewing options to choose from. You can choose from 6.3 inches and 8.5-inch wide magnifying mirror.
          • There are built-in 24 LEDs in the mirror. So there is no extra charge of installation involved. In fact, along with magnifying mirror with light is a plus point. You won’t have to depend on the bedroom lights.
          • While makeup application you have to move your face in a certain direction. It seems really uncomfortable to many. Here, you can set the mirror and comfortably concentrate on doing your makeup.
          • For changing the brightness keep pressing the switch on the screen. It will either brighten or darken the light. You can stop pressing the button once the perfect lighting is achieved.
          • Different ways of powering the mirror are available. You can use a USB, adapter, or battery. So it has all you need.
              • Wide-angle viewing
              • Clear facial feature visibility
              • Enough brightness
              • Multiple power options
              • Rotation mirror
              • The mirror looks simple

              4. MIRRORVANA Extra Large Makeup Mirror

              Gurun is unique as compared to other additions in the top magnifying mirrors list due to its wall-mounted feature. There are some people who are always in a hurry that damages mirrors or any other accessories. For such people, it is good if you buy a mirror that can be fixed at a certain position. It is the best magnifying mirror for bathroom or any other area. You can just fix it at a certain position and get ready without worrying about keeping it properly.

              Mirrorvana Magnifying Mirror


              • For those who love large sized mirrors, Mirrorvana is the one for them. The mirror is large in size. If you compare it with an 8-inch mirror then it offers a double reflection area. Similarly, if you compare it with a 7-inch mirror then it is triple its size.
              • With 17 inches of height, this tabletop mirror is just massive.
              • If the mirror is large in size then it will be heavy in weight. It is known that heavy mirror is of good quality. Its time to get rid of those flimsy little mirrors from your vanity and give space to this one.
              • The magnification level of this mirror is 3X. It is appropriate for this sized mirror. If a large mirror will provide 5X, 7X or 10X magnification then it will be way too strong so you won’t be able to handle it.
              • The manufacturer is taking responsibility for delivering the product in proper condition. You will receive the mirror packed in protective foam. There will be a layering of thick cardboard on it. It is a massive mirror so it needs protection.
                  • Humongous mirror
                  • Protective foam
                  • Free replacement
                  • Glorified look
                  • Dual-sided
                  • Doesn’t come with a light but magnification is appropriate

                  5. QUEEN Rose Gold Lighted Mirror

                  Queen is a super-bright tri fold makeup mirror. Although most people like the round magnified mirrors but some may like to buy a large-sized mirror that comes with additional functionalities. This is not just that typical mirror you keep on your table. It will take up a whole lot of space and give you the chance of checking your entire look. This is the best magnifying mirror for makeup and dressing up. People who are not satisfied with only makeup and want to stand out as a whole will like this mirror.


                  • The tri-fold design of the mirror helps in protecting it. You can fold it to prevent damage due to scratch, or dust. Also, its foldability gives you the chance to carry the mirror wherever you want.
                  • You can rotate the mirror up to 180 degrees easily and fix it at a particular angle.
                  • This mirror comes with different types of magnification options. There are separate sections for 2X, 3X, and 10X levels. For 10X the mirror is detachable so you can use it only when it is required.
                  • You can power the mirror by either using USB cable or 4 AAA batteries. Using the USB you can connect it to power bank, socket, or computer. Battery option is good as taking the vanity mirror anywhere anytime.
                  • For people who are always worried about the material before purchasing a mirror, it is highly durable. The shell is made using premium plastic along with baking varnish. Also, there is a premium quality coating that makes it worth buying.
                  • The lighting is wonderfully done. There are 21 pieces of LEDs that can be switched on by using the touch sensor of the cosmetic mirror.
                      • Adjustable LED brightness
                      • 21 LEDs
                      • 2X/3X/10X magnification
                      • 10X detachable mirror
                      • Tri-fold
                      • Lifetime replacement guarantee
                      • Large in size

                      6. AIREXPECT Portable High Definition Lighted Up Mirror

                      AirExpect is a magnifying mirror that is white in color. The color is universal so matching it with the décor of your bedroom won’t be a problem for you. In fact, salon owners can also buy this product for their salon. There are special makeup rooms in salons. You can buy it for that room or create a special corner by using a vanity table and placing this mirror over it.

                      AirExpect Magnifying Mirror


                      • With large mirrors, lighting can be a problem. So the manufacturer has added 72 LED pieces to it. The mirror has the ability to brighten up poor to darkly lit areas.
                      • There are multiple brands that offer a number of LEDs but the lighting seems to dazzle. This is not the case with AirExpect mirror. The light is soft, natural and will protect your eyes.
                      • You can easily switch the color temperature of the mirror. The color temperature can be set from as cool as 6,500K to as warm as 3,200K. You can short press the sensor switch to change the color of light.
                      • For that perfect and comfortable angle, you can adjust and fix the vanity mirror. It allows for 90-degree rotation. Also, due to the tri-fold design, you can open and close the mirror at any particular time.
                      • There are three panels for magnification. On the left, there are two panels. The top one is with 2X magnification and the bottom one with 3X magnification. On the right, there is a single mirror with 1X magnification.
                      • It is going to be an ideal gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother. If any of them is makeup artist then it will be surely loved by her. You can plan a surprise for them on special occasions like Anniversary, Mother’s day, or valentine’s day.
                          • 72 LED lights
                          • Anti-scratch
                          • 3-panel magnification
                          • Battery-powered
                          • Intelligent memory function
                          • Dimming technology
                          • Large in size

                          7. GURUN *Wall Mounted Mirror*

                          Gurun is unique as compared to other additions in the top magnifying mirrors list due to its wall-mounted feature. There are some people who are always in a hurry that damages mirrors or any other accessories. For such people, it is good if you buy a mirror that can be fixed at a certain position. It is the best magnifying mirror for bathroom or any other area. You can just fix it at a certain position and get ready without worrying about keeping it properly.


                          • It is a dual side mirror. On one side you will find 1X magnification while on the other side there is 10X magnification. Instead of 10X, you can also buy the 7X magnifying mirror and the best part is that the price is the same. If you fix it in a corridor then two of you can get ready at the same time.
                          • The material used in manufacturing the mirror is of high-grade. Here, the wall mounted mirror is made of brass. For more durability, the metal construction is with the oil-rubbed bronze surface. It is rust free so you won’t have to take extra care of it.
                          • It is an 8-inch mirror that comes with the short arm that is of 4.7 inches and long arm is of 8.2 inches. Another point to note is that its weight is 2.6 lbs so it isn’t too heavy.
                          • The Gurun magnifying mirror is easy to install. All you have to do is fix it using screws that come along with the package itself. For any sort of assistance, you can always refer to the user manual. It has all the details to guide you through the installation.
                          • This magnifying mirror comes with a 5-year warranty. It is a worth buying product as you won’t have to spend much even after five years of the long period.
                              • Wall mount mirror
                              • Doesn’t require much space
                              • Swivel mirror
                              • No-rust
                              • Made of Brass
                              • Easy installation
                              • Cannot be used as countertop one

                              8. MIROPURE Oval-Shaped Vanity Mirror

                              MiroPure is a magnifying vanity mirror that is convenient to take anywhere. Some people find it difficult to use such mirrors as the magnifying part tend to distract them while they using a normal mirror. This won’t be the case with Miropure. The magnifying part is stored differently so that you can use it as and when needed. There are certain things that you must keep in mind while using these mirrors. Always keep these mirrors away from water. Also, you should avoid using it while you are bathing. For cleaning, you will also get a cloth in a package.

                              Micropure Magnifying Mirror


                              • The oval design of the mirror is perfect. It will fit the shape of your head perfectly. Also, oval shaped mirrors are rare to find as the round ones are more popular. It is the best compact magnifying mirror.
                              • If you want the lighting to be perfect then you can long press the circle on the mirror. It will increase or decrease the brightness. Once the perfect brightness level is reached you can release the button.
                              • For years you won’t have to change the LED lights that are built-in. There are 16 LED lights that are of superior quality owing to its everyday usage.
                              • There is a front non-magnified mirror that allows viewing your overall face. You can use it for applying regular makeup and foundation. You will also get a 5X magnification mirror that will give you a detailed view of your face. It is magnetic so you can hang it on the center of the front mirror.
                              • The base of the mirror is useful too. You can use it store small objects like earrings, rings, or neck piece. It will save some space on your vanity table and the accessories can be quickly accessed by you.
                              • Get rid of that hustle of buying batteries again and again. Once bought you can recharge and keep using it for a long time. Use the USB cable to charge it using PC, power bank or wall charger.
                                  • Elegant oval shape
                                  • Long-lasting LEDs
                                  • 5X magnification
                                  • Rechargeable battery
                                  • Detachable mirror
                                  • Suitable for travel purpose
                                  • Allows only 90-degree rotation that seems perfect

                                  9. JIBEN Portable Magnifying Mirror

                                  Jiben magnifying mirror is travel-friendly so you can carry it wherever you go. There are mirrors in the list that also feature this ability but still, it is different. You can mount it on a flat and smooth surface that is available wherever you go. If you are planning to buy a magnifying mirror then there are various reasons for investing in it. This high-quality mirror not only looks but it is functional too. There are certain instructions that you need to follow before using it. Firstly you will have to clean its surface with soap and water. If there will be any sort of dirt then it will be a bit difficult for the suction cup to stick to the mirror surface. Also, it comes with 14 LEDs.

                                  Jiben Magnifying Mirror


                                  • The mirror uses a unique suction cup. It does not require any silicone, tape, or glue and is more powerful than the regular suction cup. Just press the mirror on a smooth surface and twist it clockwise to activate the locking mechanism.
                                  • This mirror is modern in design. Battery compartments at the back of mirrors make them bulky. Thus, this mirror holds batteries inside its casing.
                                  • It is available in 5X, 7X, and 10X magnification. There is not much difference in the magnifying mirror price of three of them. You can choose any of them based on your requirement.
                                  • You won’t have to deal with messy cords or search for an outlet. The portable mirror’s rotating arm can be folded compactly and neatly. It is an ideal choice for both home and travel.
                                      • Requires zero counter space
                                      • Portable
                                      • Powerful suction lock
                                      • Cordless
                                      • Bright daylight LED
                                      • Batteries are not included

                                      Final Verdict

                                      It is difficult to choose the best magnifying mirrors. The mirrors are available with a wide variety of benefits. You will get 1X magnifying mirrors to 15X magnifying mirrors. You are too concerned about the finer details of your face then you can opt for higher magnification. There are large tri-fold mirrors to compact ones for countertop usage. Also, there are ones that require screws for fitting on a surface while there are others that come with the suction cup. The best part is that these types of mirrors come with a magnification option.

                                      With the addition of such interestingly designed mirrors, you will enhance the look of your vanity. You must simply know that what type of products are needed by you. The features that you must consider are also given that act as the buyer’s guide for easy selection. You can buy one magnifying mirror for the bathroom and another one for the bedroom. The more you buy more convenient your life is going to be. For makeup junkies, it is going to be their best investment. Just go through all of them to find the best one. After reading all the details if you still have doubt then you can send in your queries through the comment box. We are here to help you in any possible way. Our team is constantly working towards providing the right information to our readers.

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