9 Best Full Length Mirrors In 2020-Floor Standing And Wall Mounted

Have you ever thought about how important it is to have a best full length mirrors at your home? We all have mirrors at our home but not full-length mirrors. Earlier people didn’t use to care about their overall looks. I mean if you think about the past we didn’t actually care how our overall look appears to others. Now, the time has changed and people are adapting to this new era of fashion. So small details related to our look matters. There is no harm in deciding how your overall appearance is. Now, those bathroom lighted mirrors won’t work in such case. You have to invest in a good full-length mirror.

Full-length mirrors are important, especially for outfit trials. You might have noticed that the shopping malls have large full length mirrors so that the customer can try outfits and decide what to buy. These are one of the most popular sets of mirrors. If you are going out then get ready in front of this mirror and double-check your whole look so that there are no doubts in your mind.

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Best Full Length Mirrors 2020




ONXO [Top Pick]

Check PriceGold, Black, Rose Gold, and SilverAnti-Rust Aluminum Alloy
BelhamCheck PriceEspressoOne Drawer
Kings Brand FurnitureCheck PriceBlack, Blue, Silver, and WhiteTufted Frame
Naomi Home [Best Value]Check PriceBlack, White, Cream, Espresso, Champagne, Oil Rubbed BronzeClassic Modern Design
Hans&Alice [Editor’s Choice]Check PriceWhite, Brown, and GoldLED lights
West FramesCheck PriceWash GoldRustic Coastal Decor
CabidorCheck PriceEspresso and WhiteMultiple Shelves
LEGACY DECORCheck PriceCherry, Espresso, and WhiteStanding Swivel Mirror
NeuTypeCheck PriceGold and Champagne GoldEuropean Style


Mirrors are a good thing when it comes to the interior design of your bedroom or hall. They are so powerful that they can make you feel that space is much bigger. You can check this criterion to understand the buying strategies.

  • Height: The mirror is full length so it is obvious that its length will be long. You have to check the dimensions and match it with your height to understand the maximum height requirements. If you will order the perfectly sized product it won’t take up much space.
  • Space: The full-length mirror will take up a lot of space so make sure that your house has space to accommodate it. If the mirror is not too broad then obviously it would fit in less space. So make sure you have space to keep it.
  • Ease of Installation: This factor would depend on the fact that whether the mirror needs to be mounted with screws or not. If the mirror requires fitting then it will definitely require some form of installation. In case it is a stand-alone one so you just have to open the package and it will be ready to use.
  • Design: Mirror is not only needed for the purpose of viewing your reflection but it has more to it. You can use it as a decoration piece so the design matters. These full-length mirrors are available in varied designs. You can choose from different colors or designs. If it is framed then the thin frame is not much of a problem as it is not that visible and goes with any sort of décor.
  • Price: If you are looking for best full length mirrors online then you will probably look for one that is in the budget. Still, we recommend the customers to always go through full collection. There is a possibility that the product’s price is a bit high but the features are excellent. So if it is possible then you should definitely invest in that one. Here, we have shared the products of different range but with best reviews, so you can buy any of them.

1. ONXO *Standing Or Wall Mounted Mirror*

Onxo Full Length Mirror

If you are looking for full length mirrors for bedroom, cloakroom, or living room then this could be an ideal choice. It will provide you with that full view from head to toe so that you can have a good exhibition just before leaving home. You will be able to leave a good impression on the people you meet in the meeting.


  • The mirror can be used in wall-mounted form so that it saves space. This type of installation is good for small rooms and you won’t even have to worry about it taking up extra space.
  • Its lean appearance to the wall is one of the best features. This is an easy to use and convenient mirror as you can put it anywhere.
  • If you use it in free-standing form then it can be moved anywhere. There is a stand behind the mirror that is adjustable and sturdy.
  • The Onxo full length mirror is available in gold, black, rose gold, solid wood, and silver option.



Large viewThe design of the mirror is simple
Good quality
Two ways of installation
100% refund guarantee
Shatter-proof glass

2. BELHAM *Full-Length Tilting Mirror*

Belham Full Length Mirror

Belham has to be one of the most stylish additions to your dressing area, bedroom, or master bathroom. The carvings at the top have made it stand out from the usual mirrors that you find online. Its measurement is 41.75 x 11 in inches and the shape of the mirror is rectangular.


  • Belham mirror is manufactured using MDF wood. This wood is known for its durability so you can trust that it would serve you for really long.
  • Its tilting feature makes it more user-friendly. Just stand in front of the mirror and look for the perfect angle by tilting the mirror. Once the perfect angle is found use the knob to lock the mirror in place.
  • For added convenience, the mirror has a drawer at the bottom. You can items like belts, jewelry, scarves, and other accessories in it. They will be more organized in it and also in easy reach. There is a faux crystal knob that facilitates easy opening and closing of the drawers.
  • The espresso finishing of the mirror is absolutely lovely.



Traditional styleExtra storage space may not be needed by everyone
MDF wood
Tilt feature
Easy returns
Espresso finishing

3. KINGS BRAND FURNITURE *Upholstered Standing Mirror*

Kings Brand Furniture Full Length Mirror

For those who are always in search of something that looks unique, this mirror could be a great choice. We love how the manufacturer has taken detailed care of everything in designing the mirror. If guests regularly visit your home then this will attract a lot of them. They will be impressed by your choice of the mirror.


  • This floor length mirror is available in five color options. You have the option to choose from black, white, blue, and silver.
  • The design is different as it has a modern vinyl upholstered tufted look. There is a shiny crystal that is accented on it to bring a spark to your living area.
  • For easy viewing, this mirror can stand firm against the wall as there is a wooden frame on it.
  • This eccentric mirror is fully assembled.



New-fashioned lookUpholstery requires extra care
Tufted frame
Fully assembled
Four color options

4. NAOMI HOME *Classic Mirror*

Naomi Home Full Length Mirror

Aren’t you anxious about your looks? Don’t you love looking at yourself and admiring how beautiful you are? For this, you must have a beautiful and safe mirror. This product with length 65, width 31.25, and depth 1.50 in inches is a perfect buy. There is another option with length and width as 36 and 30 is also available.


  • This is a framed mirror so it has perfect edges that give it a classic yet modern look. This frame is going to give an illusion of a wider space.
  • You can either mount the mirror vertically or horizontally the way it fits in your room. An alternative could be to lean it against a way so that it suits your style and taste.
  • Along with enclosing it with a frame the back of the mirror is also taken care of. There is a craft paper covering that ensures that there is no dust accumulation on the back.
  • The Naomi Home colors availability is of champagne, black, white, cream, espresso, and oil rubbed bronze.



Wider space illusionNo tilt option
Versatile décor
Durable construction
Vertical and horizontal mounting

A wide range of colors

5. HANS&ALICE *Backlit Mirror*

HansAndAlice Full Length Mirror

Hans&Alice mirror is specially designed for those who want perfect lighting while getting ready. You can view the true color of your outfit and makeup if you are going to use this mirror. There are other options too. These options include a horizontally mounted mirror, oversize mirror in gold, brown, and white color.


  • Hans&Alice seems to provide the best options to its customer. There is a wide variety for the users to select from. You can view your entire outfit at a glance as the dimensions are 65×22 in inches.
  • There are led lights that surround the mirror from all sides. The white light is perfect. Also, the led lights are of good quality so they will serve you for 50,000 hours.
  • There is a touch button at the bottom that needs to be pressed to turn the lights on or off. So these types of full length mirrors with lights are delightful to use.
  • It is designed for vertical installation with all the mounting hardware included. You will receive an instruction manual that needs to be ready for easy assembly.



Variety in color and designLittle pricey due to multiple features
Touch on and off button
Mounting assembly included
Instruction manual

6. WEST FRAMES *Rustic Leaner Mirror*

West Frames Full Length Mirror

West frames is an exceptional quality mirror. It is an example of superb craftsmanship with a commitment to quality. You will get a lot of full length mirrors for sale but such mirrors are hard to find. The design of the mirror is inspired by the sea and sky.


  • The Cora leaner full length mirror has a natural grainy texture. Its distressed frame is perfect to compliment any sort of nautical coastal theme.
  • The natural wood-like texture is durable with a polystyrene frame that has a silver finish. If you carefully look at it then there is a beautiful gold undertone finish.
  • There are D hangers that are attached to the back of the mirror. This premium quality mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally. In fact, it can be used as a lean mirror too.
  • Along with the design the mirror’s quality is also taken care of. It is to ensure that you get maximum clarity and distortion-free reflection.



Distressed rustic lookThe rustic look may not support all decors
Gold undertone finish
Versatile design
Premium quality materials
Exceptional quality

7. Cabidor *Mirror With Storage*

Cabidor Full Length Mirror

A lot of people are still unaware of the fact that the mirror with storage is also available. Cabidor is one of them. You can store a lot of materials like jewelry, sewing supplies, art supplies, small tools, perfumes, and much more. There is the certain common location where you can store this stuff. These locations are office, kitchen, pantry, dorm room, and more.


  • This is a clear and beautiful mirror that enables you to admire the entire ensemble with ease. In other short mirrors, you have to position the mirror at right angle so that you get a glimpse of your entire outfit.
  • The space behind your door that is otherwise wasted can be effectively utilized. There are nine shelves for you to store multiple items.
  • Installation of this mirror is easy. It will integrate with the hinges of the door to facilitate the smooth opening and closing of the door.
  • There is four coating of oil-based paint. It will give the Cabidor a smooth white colored finish.



Deluxe modelCertain settings are required to accommodate it
Integrates with door
Reversible for left and right hinged doors
Multiple shelves

8. Legacy Decor *Cheval Floor Mirror*

Legacy Door Full Length Mirror

Legacy Door is a conveniently designed full length mirror that will fit your bedroom or bathroom. If you are going to buy this mirror then it will ensure that your appearance is enhanced from head to toe. For professional boutiques who want to leave a great impression on their customers can use this product.


  • This beautifully designed mirror is rectangular in the center and there is a framed section at the bottom. It is fitted on the stand.
  • From the half section of the mirror, it is connected to a frame that facilitates swivel. So you can move it and set it at a different angle.
  • The dimensions of the legacy décor are 58.5 x 18.5 x 2 in inches. Here, the first two are height and width while the last one is depth. Even the top Hollywood mirrors don’t come in this big size.
  • There is three color availability in this cheval floor mirror. You have to make a choice from cherry, brown, and white color.



Different color optionsNo swivel lock but it stays in place
Mirror tilts

9. NeuType *Wall-Mounted Dressing Mirror*

NeuType Full Length Mirror

NeuType full length mirror is one such mirror that can be fitted at multiple locations. This mirror is designed in such a way that you can keep it in a living room, bedroom, locker room, or clothing shop. If you want an instant lift in the look of your house then you should not go for other cheap full length mirrors. They are good at appearance but doesn’t seem to be of good quality.


  • This is a large and oversized mirror with dimensions as 65×22 in inches.
  • For manufacturing the frame solid wood gypsum is used. Along with usage of this material, it adopts luxury and elegant style.
  • Both the color options i.e. champagne gold and gold are awesome. You can look at the picture to see how beautifully the frame is carved to give it a more royal look.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee associated with this product. The manufacturer believes in customer satisfaction that’s why you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.



Full-size floor mirrorAverage features
Quality material
Floor stand design
Wall mounting support
Money back guarantee


Here, the list of best full length mirrors is covered. You might have seen the list and found that there is high variation in the look and features of the mirrors. There are some with a really simple and sophisticated look to other advanced tufted style ones. Onxo, Hans&Alice, Tesco full length mirrors are really good. We believe whoever visits the site will find his or her favorite mirror in the list. For bedrooms, you can even check the vanity mirrors that are smaller in size but beautiful.


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