Best Bathroom Vanity Tray – Buying Guide

We always think that trays are made to serve food but these also play an important role decoration element tray can easily pick and can be put anywhere you want to put as well it increases the importance of place it looks so cool in bathrooms to put shampoo, towel or anything you want to put these are multipurpose tray, it makes bathroom tidy.

These are super helpful in keeping things in a more organized way as well you can fit these trays on stools. these trays come with different colors and variants as well as leather stuff.


ImageProductNumber of lightsPrice
Best bathroom vanity trayLux Spire vanity trayRequired less spaceCheck Price on Amazon
Best tray for bathroomDecorative and metal guestwater proofCheck Price on Amazon
Smart mirror for bathroomPlastic round vanity mirror180 degree rotationCheck Price on Amazon
Best decorative trayDocorative tray vanityDurable and light weightCheck Price on Amazon
Best Bathroom trayBathroom countertop mirrorMultipurposeCheck Price on Amazon

1. Luxspire Vanity Tray, Toilet Tank Storage Tray, Resin Bathtub Tray Bathroom

This will help you to keep your bathroom things organized this tray fits very crafty this is the perfect gift for your families and parents. it comes in different color perfect addition for space in your home

Best bathroom vanity tray


  • Very compact space required to keep your stuff managed.
  • Easy to clean just use cloth to wipe and its fully water proof.
  • Very compact and light weight design easy to move here and there also you can use to put plants.
  • Multipurpose trey can be used for washroom, toilet seat etc.
  • size 11.22″ X 4.05″ X 0.98″ (28.5 X 10.3 X 2.5cm)
      • Light weight and cute tray
      • Keep every thing assembled
      • Multipurpose can be used for washroom etc.
      • Easy fits with every location
      • Bit smaller

      2. Modern Decorative Metal Guest Hand Towel Storage Tray Dispenser

      This tray is perfect solution for guest solution very easy to clean and comes with 5 different color variants. made up of strong metal and rust free.

      Best tray for bathroom


      • It requires less space it is perfect tray for the disposing off the guest towel or napkin.
      • Very suitable for guest use you can keep your candle etc.
      • Super easy to clean just wipe with damp cloth.
      • Quality and rust resistant
      • Size 9.6″ x 5.6″ x 1.1″ high
          • Super easy to clean
          • Quality material
          • Super sexy for using as candle tray.
          • Rust resistant
          • Standard size, required less space.
          • Need care

          3. iDesign Cade Plastic Round Vanity Mirror, Standing Makeup Accessory Tray

          Super comfortable to gift someone it looks so awesome on washbasin as well in bathrooms it provide classical look your bathroom white and grey color easy match with your mirror, you can put small things on the it not for putting towel.

          Smart mirror for bathroom


          • This is made up of quality plastic.
          • Very suitable for markup it also contain extra storage to put clips etc.
          • White and grey color easy match with your mirror
          • Perfect gift for girls.
          • Rotation 360 you can move it freely at an angle
          •   Size 6. 5″ x 4. 5″ x 10″ for use in any space
              • angle rotation
              • Cute mirror and perfect gift for girls
              • White and grey color easy match with mirror
              • Very suitable for makeup and close took
              • Contain extra storage to keep jewelry, clips etc.
              • Can’t store power itself.

              4. Bathroom Countertop Organizer Decorative Tray Vanity Tray Cosmetic

              Perfect gift for storage of your home items and your kitchen stuff it work best as a self in your bathroom you can put small – small items and it keep them assembled as well as look cool to our eyes, Smart look suits in every corner of room as well as bathroom.

              Best decorative tray


              • Amazing Design easy to move here and very smart black color.
              • Durable material so easy to clean just wipe and clean the surface.
              • Multipurpose can be used in bathroom, in any room and as well for kitchen it works proper for like shelf you can put small items in it.
              • Easy to assemble it takes very less store.
              • 1 Year of Warranty.
                  • Amazing and easy to move
                  • Multipurpose can be used
                  • Black flattish color
                  • Easy to wipe with damp cloth
                  • easily portable
                  • Easy to assemble
                  • only one color option

                  5. Bathroom Countertop Organizer Vanity Tray Cosmetic & Makeup

                  Simple and stylish design so durable and quality assured this is rust resistant and water proof you can use these tray for multipurpose and at any place easy to clean simple wipe with cloth.

                  Best Bathroom tray


                  • Durable design increase the existence of place you can place it in office as well in home.
                  • You can keep assemble easily everything you want keep anything you want to.
                  • Easy portable and light weight can be assembled easily.
                  • White color matches with every wall bathroom or kitchen.
                      • Simple and smart design
                      • Easy to store things
                      • Multipurpose can be used for office and homes
                      • The shelf measures 12.2″ long and high, and 6.7″ wide
                      • Light weight
                      • Rust resistant

                      Final Verdict

                      These are best vanity tables suitable for each type of environment mainly used for bathroom but these are basically multi purpose can be used kitchen as a shelf these are easy to clean and wipe off the surface they require bit space and will manage your little stuff.

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