15 Natural Beauty Hacks For Skin Care

If you are one of those who deals with skin issues all the time then this article will help you in dealing with them easily. Here, we are not talking about severe skin problems as they need to be consulted with a dermatologist. Each one of us has one such friend who has beautiful and glowing skin. We are sure it makes you jealous and you might have even tried to know about it from your friend. Do they really share their beauty hacks for glowing skin? They don’t. All they do is just smile and say that they have literally done nothing. All that sounds great but that is not true. Glowing skin is the result of multiple tricks and tips that they have used. We are not blaming everyone who does that. Some are genetically blessed but not all of them.

Beauty Hacks For Skin

Best Beauty Hacks For Skin

We know how important it is for a woman to get that naturally beautiful skin. It is possible to achieve it through simple hacks or tricks that you will have to follow religiously. You can consider them hacks or remedies. These have worked wonders for maximum people who have tried them. Go through the complete list and try the ones that are suitable for you.


The first and foremost hack that everybody knows but doesn’t follow is drinking plenty of water. You cannot expect a product or remedy to give 100% result until you do not work from inside. For this, you need to keep your body hydrated all the time. If you drink plenty of water then it cleans your system by removing all the toxins from your body. Some of the common skin problems like acne, breakouts, or others are due to lack of hydration in your body. So we highly suggest that you follow this hack to get maximum results.

Ice It

If you are looking for beauty hacks for oily skin then this remedy is the one for you. In case, you were unaware of this age-old remedy then we here we will give you an insight to it. After a hectic day in office if you will rub ice on your face then you will feel exceptionally refreshing. There is a trick that you can use when you apply night cream on your face. After applying it rub an ice cube on it. It will create a pulling effect that will help in better absorption of the products on your face. If you are frustrated with the acne on your face then you can use ice cubes. Once you will rub ice cube it will reduce the production of oil on your skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

Natural Beauty Hack For Skin

Use of Aloe Vera gel is the simplest natural beauty hacks for skin care that you can use on an everyday basis. Aloe has tons of benefits and it can be used for various purposes. It soothes your skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne. Aloe is a popular gel so you can easily find it on stores. If you don’t want to go the artificial way then you can grow it at home. Cut a small leaf of Aloe Vera plant and remove the spines from the sides. Now, cut the leaf in two parts from the center of the top to bottom. Gently remove the Aloe Vera gel. Wash your face and massage your skin with Aloe gel. With regular use, you will yourself see the difference.

Cracked Heels Remedy

When it comes to skin we often focus on the face and forget about our feet. The skin on our heels is special as it goes through a lot of beating every day. Women go for pedicures but not everyone has the time and money to invest in it. If you use some natural exfoliation at your home then your feet won’t be cracked. Prepare a mixture of about 1 cup of warm water, ¼ cup of baking soda, and half cup vinegar. Now, soak your feet in the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes. After that dry your legs with a clean towel and apply moisturizing lotion on your feet.

Facial Massage

Beauty Hacks For Skin Care

The massage itself sounds like therapy. Whether you are going for a full body massage or any specific massage you will come out all relaxed. It provides the ultimate relaxation you are looking for. If your mind and body are relaxed it will reflect on your face. If you massage your face on a weekly basis then it will increase the blood circulation of your face. It will add that natural glow you want on your face. You can use face oils like Rosehip, Avocado, or other oils for added benefits. You must also exercise on a daily basis so that glow consistently stays on your face.

Add Extra Definition

Do you love that toned body look but don’t want to go to the gym? Here, we will share one of the easiest beauty hacks for girls so that they can flaunt that toned kind of look. For this, you will need a highlighter. Although liquid highlighter is preferred you can also go for powdered one. Mix a pea sized highlighter to lotion and apply it to the high points of your body. You must use a LED vanity mirror so that you can clearly spot the parts where you need to apply this mixture. It will give your body extra definition.

Pore Strips

Beauty Hack

If you have pimple free skin but there are blackheads then it will again come in your way of achieving that naturally clear skin. For this, you will need some simple products. Just mix some amount of raw honey, unbleached organic flour, and warm filtered water. The consistency should neither be too thin nor too thick. Once the mixture is ready to dip a cotton pad in it and applies it on the blackhead affected areas. After 10 to 15 minutes remove the cotton pad and you will see that 90% of the blackheads are removed. It is one of the best smooth skin hacks.

Treat Skin Pigmentation

If you are dealing with uneven skin tone issue then turmeric will come to your rescue. This herb is filled with anti-inflammatory properties. You can use it to cure tons of issues. In fact, it has high medicinal properties. You must mix one teaspoon of turmeric with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture daily after shower and wash after 20 minutes. You can rinse with cold water in the end. It will greatly reduce pigmentation. You can get rid of summer tan using turmeric. Just add a pinch of turmeric to raw milk and lemon juice. Apply the solution and wash it once it dries. Use this remedy for about a week and see the difference.

Blush On

Beauty Hacks For Girls

By using the natural ingredients you can definitely get that glow but a little makeup can enhance your look. You can instantly brighten up your face with a little pop of blush on your cheeks. Either you can invest in a good blush or use your lipstick for it. Just dab the lip color on the cheeks. It will give your skin that mid-day lift.

Moisture At Home

It is always better to opt for home remedies instead of artificial products. If you can invest some time in preparing a moisturizing lotion at home then it is the best you can do for your skin. You will need avocado oil, magnesium oil, cocoa butter, and lavender oil. The proportion of cocoa butter should be high. Take a pan and fill it with water. Now, over low heat put a bowl filled with cocoa butter on water. Once the butter completely melts keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Now, whip the cocoa butter with a stand mixer and add the remaining ingredients. You can use it for up to 90 days but you will have to store it in the fridge only.

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Use Organic Products

Women love doing makeup as it makes them look beautiful. Do you know makeup products are harmful to your skin? If you cannot avoid doing makeup then at least you can stick to the products that contain fewer chemicals or are organic. Check the ingredients of the products before you buy them. Always opt for the ones with more organic ingredients and dermatologists tested one. In fact, if you apply a good natural cream before applying makeup then it protects your skin from the harmful effects of it.

Whiter Smile

Simple Beauty Hacks

Beauty comes from within and it can be reflected through your smile. A smile is itself a beauty statement but if it isn’t white then many try to hide it. If you are looking for ways to get that beautiful white smile then we have an interesting trick for you. Prepare a mixture of organic turmeric powder and extra virgin coconut oil. Let it harden and use it as a toothpaste. Use this hack regularly and show off your bright smile.

Steam Is The Key

Every day we travel to different places. While we are on the go dust particles tend to pile up on our skin and sometimes penetrate into the pores. Now, when you wash your face with facewash it doesn’t deep clean your pores. You must use the steaming method for it. It will open your pores and remove the toxins from your skin. The process is simple but the impact will be significant. If you take a steam bath after exercise then it leaves your skin highly nourished and refreshing.

Overnight Lighten The Dark Circles

Dark circle is a problem for every second woman in the world. With this fast pace, life comes a lot of responsibility. Although there are fixed office hours people are still seen working overnight. You cannot reduce stress but at least use some quick home remedies to get rid of dark circles. Potatoes can be easily found on any grocery store. All you have to do is peel off the potato and cut a slice of it. Now, place it in the fridge. After 30 minutes remove it from the fridge and place it under your eyes. You will see the difference with 2 to 3 days of usage.

Eat Right

This may not sound like a hack but this is the best way by which you can get that flawless and radiant skin. Eating green vegetables has many benefits associated with it and one of them is improving your skin texture. Also, you must eat fruits that are rich in vitamin A and E. They will help in rejuvenating your skin. You can even tackle aging issues by eating the right vegetables and fruits.


We have listed some of the natural beauty hacks for skin. These hacks will help you deal with a lot of issues like acne, pigmentation, dark circles, and more. We are not saying that all the hacks will work for you but there is no harm trying them as natural remedies don’t have side effects. Some of these hacks use ingredients that are always available at your home like turmeric. If you will try using them then you will be surprised by their positive results. Just try these remedies and give us your feedback. In case you have any sort of doubt then you can get back to us with your queries. We are here to guide you in any possible way we can. Also, if you are a makeup lover then you can check different types of mirrors reviews to buy the best one for yourself.